Mark Ruffalo Proves His Acting Chops Again
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Mark Ruffalo is one of the best actors in Hollywood today. Unlike some stars that make big impacts at the beginning of their career and then fade away Ruffalo has chosen the slow and steady way to rise in Hollywood. Little did people know that Ruffalo who was so cute in 13 Going to 30 and Just Like Heaven would play serious roles in dangerous films like Zodiac and Shutter Island? He may have made everybody notice him in The Hulk but the best of his acting is seen in movies like The Kids Are All Right, Foxcatcher and Spotlight, all three roles got him a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Oscars.

A Versatile Actor

Though he has been seen in blockbusters like The Avengers and other films of the franchise, of late Ruffalo has quietly been doing small character-driven films like Dark Waters which was sadly overlooked at this year’s Academy Awards. However, you can’t keep a good actor down and that’s why people who like him are getting a double treat from HBO soon. Ruffalo will be seen in a double role playing a pair of twins in the new show titled I Know This Much Is True which will soon premiere on HBO. He is promoting the film currently and has posted about it on his Instagram account.

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A Story of Two Brothers

It is inspired and based on a true story about a pair of dysfunctional brothers one of whom has to take care of the other. Ruffalo plays both the brothers and thanks to the technology available in Hollywood he is seen in many scenes playing both the brothers together. He is seen on the screen as both the brothers but you can make out that they are different. Ruffalo had to lose 20 pounds to play the caretaker brother and had to gain that back and add another 20 pounds to play the mentally disturbed brother who depends on his sibling for everything.

A Tremendous Pair of Performances

Ruffalo is very excited about this film coming out and is talking about it and promoting it everywhere. The film will be serialized and shown on Sundays from 9:00 pm onwards from May 10, 2020. People who have seen the promos are very excited about the film because it looks very promising. The director has worked hard on the movie and Ruffalo has given one of his best performances of his life. Sorry, a pair of best performances in his life!

An Oscar is Just around the Corner

mark ruffalo
Photo: Instagram/markruffalo

Ruffalo has proved himself to be an actor of note and it is just a matter of time before he gets that elusive Oscar. You can watch all his movies because Ruffalo has never made a bad film in his life and this new one on HBO titled I Know This Much Is True is one of his best!

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Mark Ruffalo Takes On a Double Role & Delivers!
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Mark Ruffalo Takes On a Double Role & Delivers!
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Mark Ruffalo is one of the best actors around in Hollywood and he is appearing in a terrific double role in his new venture titled I Know This Much Is True which will premiere on HBO soon. Ruffalo is excited about his film and promoting it everywhere including his Instagram account.
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