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Marla Maples was wife number two. Maples can proudly proclaim that she was married to Donald Trump and survived it. That’s right! After all, everyone knows that being married to Trump is a roller-coaster ride into the unknown. Ask Ivana Trump, wife number one, and Melania Trump, wife number three, and the current holder of the all-important marriage ring. Maples had a stormy relationship with Trump having an affair with him when he was still married to Ivana.

She Was Once Married to President Trump

Trump later divorced Ivana and married Marla Maples in 1993. Their marriage was short-lived and they divorced in 1999 despite having a child together named Tiffany Trump. Maples is an American actress and television personality who loves nature. She has found peace and serenity in it that was missing in her otherwise very turbulent life. These days Maples spends most of her time advocating health and wellness to others and has made great strides in making a calmer and quiet life for herself.

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Harnessing the Power of Visualization

She often posts pictures of herself on her Instagram account where she shares her experiences in the field of health and wellness. Right now Maples has posted some pictures of herself being one with nature and enjoying moments of tranquility. In one she is sitting cross-legged on an empty beach in front of the sea and meditating. She is talking about the power of visualization whereby you can magically transport yourself to any place you can imagine and experience the feeling like you are there. She is telling her fans to have a vision, believe in it, and achieve it no matter how tough it is.

The Right to a Clean Life

marla maples
Photo: Instagram/itsmarlamaples

In another picture, she is in the middle of a cornfield standing with her arms spread out and feeling one with Mother Earth. She is celebrating Earth Day and saying that she loves this land. She loves the sky, the earth, the wind, and the opportunity to breathe non-toxic air away from the hurly-burly of big cities. She feels that everybody must have access to clean air, clean water, and clean food, and the time has come for everyone to share a voice and demand this for themselves.

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Maples is a Vegan Now


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Despite her turbulent past Maples today is trying to live a simple and calm life away from the pressures of a high-profile career and marriage. Today Maples describes herself as a “mostly-vegan” and avoids dairy products, eats organic food, and chooses to be gluten-free. A complete turnaround from the glamorous life she once lived in New York City when she was younger. Experience and wisdom have made her a happier and more youthful person. Today Marla Maples is in control of her life something which still is a dream for millions of women all over the world!

Marla Maples’ Change from a Turbulent Life to a Serene Lifestyle
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Marla Maples’ Change from a Turbulent Life to a Serene Lifestyle
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Marla Maples was once part of Hollywood and lived a glamorous life only to live a more troubled one after marrying Donald Trump. She is now divorced from him and has been living a calm life by meditating and getting closer to Mother Earth. She advocates health and wellness now.
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