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March 8, 2020, is a black day for the entire Western film industry especially Hollywood and the European film industry because they lost one of their most talented, hard-working and loved actors. Max von Sydow died on this day in Provence, France, at the ripe old age of 90 years. Sydow was one of the most respected and loved actors who gave his entire life to the making and viewing of high quality cinema. After his death the spotlight has fallen on Max von Sydow’s wife Catherine Brelet and everybody wants to know more about this lady who stayed close to Sydow like his shadow all through their married life. Here are a few details from Max von Sydow’s wiki.

Younger Woman, Older Man

Catherine Brelet married Sydow on April 30, 1997, in Provence, France and started a love-filled life with the veteran actor. Brelet is French so Sydow became a citizen of France in 2002 and relinquished his Swedish citizenship which he had held up to that point in his life. Brelet became Sydow’s second wife after he had divorced his first wife way back in 1979. While Brelet’s age is not known one fact that everybody knew was that she was much younger than him when she married him. Later she became the mother of two sons she had with Sydow named Cedric and Yvan.

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Brelet was a Hard Worker

Brelet worked as crew member and assistant on many films both starring and not starring Sydow. She was always close to Sydow and in his later acting career was his assistant on the film sets. She worked in the camera and electrical department before her good work was noticed and she achieved seniority. She has worked as an assistant on several mini TV series such as Solomon, Nuremberg, and The Tudors and of course the world famous series Game of Thrones.

A Pillar of Support for Sydow

She worked as an assistant on several high-profile Hollywood films such as What Dreams May Come, Snow Falling on Cedars, Sleepless, Druids, Intacto, Minority Report, The Driving Bell and the Butterfly, Rush Hour 3, Emotional Arithmetic, The Wolfman, Shutter Island, Robin Hood and Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Episode VII. Most of these films starred Sydow and she was listed as an assistant and credited as Catherine von Sydow. It would be very true to say that she was a giant pillar of support for Sydow in both his professional and personal life and she nursed him in his old age. She was totally devoted to his good health and comforts.

Europeans in America

Despite the huge age difference between Sydow and Brelet theirs was one of the few lasting and happy marriages in Hollywood. Maybe the fact that they were both really Europeans working in America helped as they were both kind of outsiders and dependent on each other. Brelet was a good homemaker and a good mother to her kids Cedric and Yvon.

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A Strong & Generous Woman

While Sydow was the more famous of the pair he admitted that he had a zest for living only after he met Catherine Brelet. She used to often accompany him to the premier of his movies and the couple turned heads wherever they went on account of the beautiful relationship they had. Like the time she came with Sydow for the premiere of the film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows in Los Angeles, California, in December 2011. Now that Sydow has gone Brelet is left alone with her family and friends to mourn the loss of a man whom she loved more than anyone else. Being the strong woman she has always been there is no doubt that she will keep their family together and his legacy alive.

Catherine Brelet’s Wiki: Facts about Max Von Sydow’s Wife
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