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If you have been following fashion in the last two decades you must have surely heard of the beautiful Miranda Kerr. Miranda Kerr is an Australian model who became famous when she was chosen as a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2007 and since then her career has regularly been reaching new heights. She holds the distinction of being the first Australian to be chosen as a Victoria’s Secret Angel which is quite a big achievement.

A Multitalented Individual

Kerr has spent the last 20 years walking the runway displaying the new creations of some of the best and most famous fashion designers of the world. She is practically a household name in Australia and many a pretty girl in the land down under has looked at Kerr as an inspiration to make their dreams come true. Kerr is multitalented as she has launched her own organic skincare products brand named KORA Organics and has also penned a self-help book. All this and she is just 36 years old.

It’s Baby Hart’s Second Birthday!

The thing that makes Kerr the happy person that she is are her three children and it is obvious in the way she takes care of them. On May 7, 2020, Kerr celebrated her son Hart’s second birthday by organizing a small but cozy birthday for him where a green colored cake made in the shape of a car was cut. The car-shaped cake had Hart’s name written on it along with the digit 2 as it was his second birthday.

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Kerr is an Overjoyed Mother

Kerr has posted the pictures of the cake on her Instagram account and sent a message to all her fans and well-wishers that she was extremely happy to celebrate her dear son’s second birthday. She describes the day as a magical day and has said that her heart is full of joy and gratitude for her gorgeous son. Hart sure is lucky to have such a loving mother who dotes on her. It’s most likely that Kerr made the arrangements for Hart’s birthday personally and baby Hart had a swell time being pampered and loved by everyone.

Fulfilling All her Responsibilities with Aplomb!

Miranda Kerr
Photo: Instagram/mirandakerr

Kerr has also put up some more pictures on her Instagram account which show her getting ready for either a fashion shoot or a regular photoshoot. It’s not easy to take care of kids that too three of them while having the day job of being one of the most sought after supermodels of the world but Kerr is doing a fine job of it. This just proves all the critics and naysayers wrong about a successful woman not being able to give attention to her family as well. Miranda Kerr loves her family and spends as much time as possible with them despite her hectic schedule. Way to go, Miranda Kerr!

Miranda Kerr is Celebrating Her Son's Birthday Amidst Quarantine
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Miranda Kerr is Celebrating Her Son's Birthday Amidst Quarantine
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Miranda Kerr is damn good at juggling her busy professional life as a supermodel with her role as a wife and mother to three kids. She is doing a great job at both proved by the little birthday party she organized for her son Hart who turned two years old on May 7, 2020.
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