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Aygemang Clay took some time to show his talent and it took people a while to notice him but in the end he proved himself. He has a passion for acting and is one of the hottest stage actors around today and his love life is also quite interesting. People have seen him perform and are quite impressed with him and his talent and are asking about him. His name has been linked to Natalie Halcro and ever since she has had a baby people are asking who is Natalie Halcro’s baby daddy? So who is this much talked about man Aygemang Clay? Don’t worry we will tell you all we know about him right here. Here are a few facts from Aygemang Clay’s wiki.

Who is Aygemang Clay?

Aygemang Clay was born on April 25, 1983, in Houston, Texas, in the USA which means his age is 36 years. Clay does many things so it should come as no surprise that he is a stage actor, athlete, blogger and model as well. He is represented by Wilhelmina Models and has played the role of Jay “The Sport” Jackson in the critically and commercially successful play The Royale. He won the Best Actor top prize at the 41st Annual Carbonell Awards and also earned a Silver Palm Award for Outstanding New Talent.

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A Man of Multiple Talents

Natalie Halcro Baby Daddy
Photo: Instagram/aygemang

His modeling career kicked off at a young age when he went to the Bahamas for a modeling assignment. He has earned a degree in business from the University of Florida right after he graduated from high school. He was first an entrepreneur as he founded and ran a high cash flow discount e-commerce start-up called Top of the Line Tickets and Entertainment. He also did a stint as a corporate trainer with the Island Sky Corporation. Later the acting bug bit him and he appeared as a guest-actor in several TV series such as Bloodline, Rosewood, Ballers and Burn Notice.

A Modest Net Worth

Considering that Clay has done so many things in his life what is his net worth after all these years? According to reports Aygemang Clay’s net worth is between $1.0- $5.0 million approximately. His primary source of income these days is the remuneration he gets for performing as a stage actor.

Not much is known about Clay’s family except that he has a sister named Carlee. People are curious how he got his first name and where did it come from. Clay has said several times that his name Aygemang is taken from the country of Ghana.

Tough Times in Romance

Even though Clay has been seen with several attractive women he is most famous for his relationship with the actress and celebrity Natalie Halcro. Even though they later came around initially Halcro’s parents did not approve of her relationship with Clay. When she brought him home one day they didn’t like Clay and accused their daughter of bringing a “fling” home. The world sat up and took notice of Clay’s relationship when in November 2019, Halcro posted news of her pregnancy on Instagram.

A Bundle of Joy Arrives

The baby girl was born on February 4, 2020, and in an instant Natalie Halcro’s boyfriend Clay became Natalie Halcro’s baby daddy. Clay and his partner Halcro named their baby daughter Dove and were touched by the many congratulatory messages they received from people including their friends the famous Kardashians.

natalie halcro baby father
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The Weight of Responsibility

Some people have been asking “Who is Natalie Halcro married to?” and the answer is no one presently. She is still Clay’s partner in life and the baby has only forged a deeper connection between the two.  Clay is now a father and that means he has to be very responsible from now on. While he may still have fun in his life he will know that he has a little girl who looks up to him constantly. We are in no doubt that Aygemang Clay will prove to be a good father to his baby daughter Dove!

Aygemang Clay’s Wiki: Fast Facts about Natalie Halcro’s Baby Daddy
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