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Robert Downey Jr.’s rise & fall & rise again is the stuff that even dreams are not made of but the actor has done it in real life. Some years ago Downey was in jail and getting bad press everywhere and his nadir came when he was accused of demanding sexual favors from another man. After cooling his heels in jail Downey was let out and everybody including him wondered where he would go from here. After all, his star had fallen in Hollywood and he was an ex-jailbird as well.

An Offer He Didn’t Refuse!

Then he got a movie offer that didn’t seem very promising at first. He was asked to play the lead role in Ironman which was loosely based on the life of real-life innovative tycoon Elon Musk. Downey took the role and the rest is history as they say. Ironman turned out to be a blockbuster and a new superhero and a promising franchise were born. The subsequent sequels of Ironman were also blockbusters and Downey Jr. became the man of the moment. Robert Downey Jr. was back and in grand style.

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Applauding Health Workers

Downey has been humble since then and has been contributing his bit to make the world a better place. Now he is taking part in a program on TV that will build awareness of the brave frontline health workers in America who are battling the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic that has already taken more than 50,000 lives in the country. Downey has posted details about this program on his Instagram account and has encouraged all his fans to support this noble cause.

His message says:

“Laughing together, staying apart, supporting frontline health workers… You can count me in… This program will be aired at 8:00 pm ET on Friday night, May 1, 2020, AND Downey has asked people to support @americares and the heroes battling the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The hashtag is #Heroes4Health. The organization behind this initiative is “”

Downey Jr. is Doing His Fair Share

Robert DowRobert Downey Jr Iron Manney Jr Iron Man
Photo: Instagram/robertdowneyjr

Downey is a world-famous actor and his fans are present all over the world so he is using his star power to spread awareness of the terrific work being done by health care workers in America. The pandemic has brought Hollywood to a standstill as all shootings have been stopped under government directions. Downey Jr. too is cooling his heels at home as everybody is under quarantine in California including Los Angeles. However, Downey is doing his best to do something productive and what could be better than to applaud health care workers who are taking enormous risks to help others. Three cheers for Robert Downey Jr.

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Robert Downey Jr. is Giving Back to Society Using His Star Power!
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Robert Downey Jr. is grateful for getting a second chance in life after he spiraled out of control some years back thanks to his drug habit. Today he is a wiser man and is doing his part to applaud frontline health care workers who are fighting the killer COVID-19 pandemic.
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