Romee Strijd Making Great Strides
Photo: Instagram/romeestrijd

Yet another supermodel who is stuck at home during quarantine even as the killer COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across many parts of the world. One more supermodel who is struggling to pass time at home and live a sedentary life far away from the usual norms of a hectic glamorous life. We are talking about Romee Strijd pronounced “roh-may stride” who is spending time in the kitchen these days and trying her hand at cooking. More on that later. Firstly, who is Romee Strijd and why is she famous?

Born to be a Model

Romee Strijd
Photo: Instagram/romeestrijd

Born on July 19, 1995, in Netherland, Strijd is a model who has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel from 2015. Destiny had decided that Strijd would be a model even if she did not want it. That’s why she turned down a scout’s offer to become a model when she was just 14 years old. Later she changed her mind and decided to give modeling a try. Call it luck or destiny she was immediately noticed for her height and lanky frame that made her perfect for the runway. Strijd impressed everybody right away and has now worked and is working for all the biggest fashion designers of the world.

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Going Bananas!


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Making Banana pancakes this morning 🍌 recipe in stories

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However, she is cooling her heels right now at home and is under quarantine just like other mortals. Strijd is making banana pancakes in the kitchen and boy, do they look good? She looks good in a black dress and looks good enough to eat! Sorry, I meant the banana pancakes. There are some more Instagram pictures that Strijd has posted on her account that we have attached to this article. Needless to say, she looks fab, beautiful, sexy, and glamorous as always. Cry your heart out guys, she has a boyfriend since 2010 and they have a wonderful relationship!

Fame Didn’t Come Easy

Romee Strijd Quarantine
Photo: Instagram/romeestrijd

Some fans have written to Strijd and replied to her post saying “Yummmmm” but what is not clear is whether they are referring to the delicious banana pancakes or the sumptuous Romee Strijd. Seriously, guys, this young woman is stunning no matter what she wears or does. There are a lot of young girls all over the world who aspire to be like her. Be a supermodel and live the glamorous life! However, few know of the hard work that Romee has put in the last decade to reach where she is today? She is an inspiration that hard work and doing what you are meant for will take you to great heights in life.

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The Simple Pleasures of Life

Romee Strijd is enjoying the small things in life like cooking and making recipes that make her a more relaxed person and gives her a respite from her usual fast-paced life. Now she is making everybody go bananas over her tasty banana pancakes!

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