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Even after more than two decades, nobody has been able to forget that Liz Allison was once married to one of NASCAR’s most famous drivers Davey Allison. The one person who will not forget and has never forgotten is Liz Allison herself. She was once married to Davey Allison from 1989 to 1993 until he died and left her a widow with two young kids to take care of. The world sympathized with her and grieved at her tragic loss. The world saw a young widow with two fatherless kids. However, Liz Allison was made of sterner stuff and she took life by its horns and fought every problem that was flung at her. Today she herself is a source of inspiration to many. Here are some details from Liz Allison’s wiki.

A Freak Accident

Allison was in love with Davey and she has been constantly in the news as a TV reporter, TV presenter, book author, and a radio show host. She was in the limelight in May 2019 because she was involved in a “freak accident” and that made all her family, friends, relatives and her fans very worried and concerned about her wellbeing.

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Out of the Woods

People were in the dark about the nature of her injuries until her daughter Bella took over her mother’s very eagerly followed Twitter account and wrote:

“Hey y’all this is Bella. My mom was in a freak accident on Tuesday and she has a concussion. She’s on bed rest. Just say a little prayer for a quick recovery for her!”

It was only after this tweet came online on May 10, 2019, that all the people who were worried about her heaved a sigh of relief. Allison had a concussion but good medical care, her family’s love, and her own strong determination pulled her out of the hospital bed and now she is fine and back to her winning ways.

An Amazing Career

Allison’s interest in car racing began because of her emotional and romantic involvement with Davey but she has maintained her passion for it even after all these years. She has appeared on shows like The Today Show, Fox, Friends, ABC 20/20 and CNN in her career. Not just that she is also the author of 13 published books on NASCAR racing. She has also contributed as an author to Proctor & Gamble, Fox Sports.com, AutoVantage, MSN.com, NASCAR.com, and many other publications.

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A Woman of Limitless Passion

Right now, Allison is a popular and much liked radio personality in Nashville, Tennessee, on 102.5 The Game. She has also been involved in charity work and speaks publicly for businesses, schools, organizations, and churches. She has helped raise funds for many worthy causes.

She Stands Accused!

However, not everybody thinks of Allison as a saint. There has been talking about her having had an affair with the married country music star Joe Diffie. People claim that she broke his marriage to his wife despite knowing that he had two children with one suffering from Down’s syndrome. People have said many uncharitable things about Allison regarding this aspect of her life but she has not commented on this. However, she has commented plenty on her current husband Ryan Hackett whom she married in 2000. The couple has three children in their happy family namely Krista, Robbie, and Bella. Two of these children are the children of Davey Allison who Liz was earlier married to.

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Where is Liz Allison Today?

Liz Allison today is in a very happy space with a great flourishing career and more importantly a very happy and close-knit family. Though she is happy for all the riches God has given her and she has definitely earned she has kept the memory of Davey alive even today. Liz Allison is a woman of substance, strength, passion, talent, creativity and raw guts. She is a role model for many young women and girls.

Liz Allison's Wiki: Davey Allison's Wife & Once Joe Diffie's Lover!
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Liz Allison's Wiki: Davey Allison's Wife & Once Joe Diffie's Lover!
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