Sing for Rachel Griffiths
Photo: Instagram/rachelgriffithsofficial

If you have a good voice and if you have ever dreamed of being an opera singer you must get in touch with Rachel Griffiths immediately. It might well change your life and give you that elusive break that you have been chasing for so long. Why Rachel Griffiths we will tell you later. First, who is Rachel Griffiths? If are from Australia then you most probably know who she is unless you have been living in a cave for the last three decades. If you are not from Australia then you are excused but you should have known who she is by now.

A Big Star in Australia

Rachel Griffiths
Photo: Instagram/rachelgriffithsofficial

Well, Rachel Griffiths is an Australian actress and director who first made a splash with her role in the breakout movie Muriel’s Wedding way back in 1994. After that she has acted in several films such as My Best Friend’s Wedding, Hilary and Jackie, Amy, Me Myself I, Blow, The Rookie, Ned Kelly, Step Up and Hacksaw Ridge. She has won many awards for her performances over the years and has even been nominated for an Oscar. She has had a steady career in TV as well as acting in series and miniseries over the years and becoming a household name in Australia.

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She Sings as Well

From 2011 she started acting in Broadway and began singing for the stage as well. She was well received and now is known as an actress and singer both in her native Australia and Hollywood in America. She has even directed some episodes in TV series like Nowhere Boys, Indian Summers, and Ride Like a Girl. Now we come to the part of why you should get in touch with her. Griffiths has posted a picture on her Instagram account saying that she needs a single opera singer to sing for half an hour under the balcony of a dear friend.

This Could be Your Big Break!

That’s right! Griffiths wants a talented opera singer to sing preferably Ave Maria under a friend’s balcony for half an hour in Melbourne and is willing to pay for it. The money is not the big deal here. Griffiths is a big name in Australian entertainment and if she liked a singer she could open the doors for a very bright future for this selected female opera singer. All you have to do is DM her and your chances are on. So what are you waiting for? Get your best classical dress out, sing the best you can, and DM Rachel Griffiths right now before someone more eager and hungry beats you to it. This invitation could be the big break you have been looking for. Go for it!

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Sing for Rachel Griffiths Like Your Life Depended On It!
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Sing for Rachel Griffiths Like Your Life Depended On It!
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Rachel Griffiths can get you into the world of Australian entertainment because of her big clout in the industry. She is looking for a female opera singer to do a gig for her that will pay and also get the singer a lot of publicity. The lucky one could make a career out of this opportunity!
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