Taylor Hill Opens Up in a Candid Chat
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Everybody is under quarantine in many parts of the world thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping across everywhere and people are terrified that they could become the next victim despite taking all precautions. Many celebrities are also under quarantine and forced to stay at home and do things to occupy their otherwise very busy time. That includes some of the most pretty and beautiful girls and women in the world and people are very curious to know what they are doing.

A Model While Still a Teenager

taylor hill
Photo: Instagram/taylor_hill

One such celebrity that everybody is keen to know about is the American model Taylor Hill who everybody must have seen in all the glamorous fashion shows of the world. She is a Victoria’s Secret Angel as well and is one of the hottest faces in modeling today. She started modeling at the tender age of 14 years and since then has gone on to become a stunning young woman and one of the hottest fashion models on the planet.

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A Chat with Vogue Hong Kong

Victoria Secret Taylor Hill
Photo: Instagram/taylor_hill

Recently Vogue Hong Kong caught up with her through a video chat and asked her questions regarding how she was and how she was passing her time while being under quarantine. Taylor Hill replied that she is making the best of this unforeseen opportunity and as she had spare time she is doing what she loves to do the most – spending time with her family. On normal days she is in some part of the world doing a fashion shoot, walking the runway or endorsing a product.

Find Out for Yourself!


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Do you think the tuna melt was still there or a Hill savage ate it?

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These days she is at home and guess what she is doing?  – reading a ton of books! So whoever said that beauty and brains don’t go together can simply take a walk. Vogue Hong Kong asked her several other questions but we are not going to tell you what they are and spoil your fun! Check out for yourself and watch the Instagram post attached to this article and find out for yourself. All we can say is that Hill is in a very good mood and is busy chatting with the Vogue Hong Kong correspondent.

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A Dark Kind of Democracy!

victoria secret angel taylor hill
Photo: Instagram/taylor_hill

Hill is in a confessional mood and saying what she likes and dislikes in life and also how she is making the best of her time at home thanks to the quarantine she is under. The Coronavirus has enforced a kind of dark democracy with celebrities and famous people all struggling to live a drab and monotonous life like most of the other billions of people usually do. Hill is a sweet girl and we are sure that watching her chatting with the journalist will surely cheer you up. After all when has a stunningly beautiful girl ever failed to cheer up guys who are bored out of their skull? Stay safe, stay happy!

Taylor Hill Opens Up in a Candid Chat!
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Taylor Hill Opens Up in a Candid Chat!
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Model Taylor Hill is stuck at home with her family and not jet setting the world for her shoots and fashion shows thanks to the quarantine she is under. Vogue Hong Kong called her up and Hill opened up about herself to the journalist while dropping some never before known information about her!
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