Teresa Palmer is an Unconventional Mother
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One would think that motherhood would be one thing that would be free of controversy in this controversy-riddled world of ours but unfortunately, that is not true. Australian actress Teresa Palmer would be the one to know about it considering all the criticism that came her way when people got upset with her for continuing to breast-feed her 2-year old son in 2016. Teresa Palmer handled that controversy well with the support of her family and friends but continued to believe in her unconventional ways of motherhood. To tell the truth, a person’s personal life is not anybody else’s business but some things are hard to change.

A Talented & Passionate Individual

Teresa Palmer is an actress, model, writer, and film producer who began her career by acting in movies like Bedtime Stories, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Take Me Home Tonight, and later appeared in films like Warm Bodies, Lights Out, Hacksaw Ridge and Berlin Syndrome. She married Mark Webber and made a film with him called The Ever After and is now in the limelight for playing the role of Diana Bishop in the supernatural drama series called A Discovery of Witches since 2018.

Enjoying Motherhood Once Again

Palmer continues to share her motherhood experience with her fans and admirers even now and has recently posted a very personal message on her Instagram post. She has posted an intimate photo of her breastfeeding her baby daughter and shared her feeling with people. She has written how she enjoys the experience of drinking hot chocolate every night as she nurses her baby daughter and how calm and blissful this experience is for her. She has expressed her gratitude to God for having this opportunity to be a mother again and have the tranquility and serenity of being a caregiver again. Read her full post attached to this article to read fully how beautifully Palmer has expressed her feelings of motherhood.

We Must Evolve!


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Mama bear and her cubs shot by @gemma_peanut. I loved chatting to @thegracetales for their first ever podcast, thank you for including me 💗🙏 We talk about navigating all the big changes of late and how we can be of service and supportive to others throughout this period. We also chat letting go of mummy guilt, why I started @lovewell.earth with one of my best friends @christianeduigan and the reason behind dedicating an entire chapter to Pregnancy Loss in @swrightolsen and I’s new book for @yourzenmama “Zen Mamas; Finding your path through pregnancy, birth and beyond”. What a lovely hour spent with @georgieabay, you can find the link to the podcast over on the @thegracetales website and a link to check out our new book (just in time for Mothers Day) in my bio. 🙏🙏💗💗 p.s link in my bio is only for Aussies, international folk can purchase the book from @swrightolsen’s bio. Thank you! xx

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Being a mother is a very personal experience and is between the mother and her family. Cultures and opinions differ all over the world and we must have the maturity and wisdom to accept them. Trying to fit the whole wide and diverse world into a square box of rules and regulations is the work of crazed zealots and uninformed minds. We as a society must move away from this kind of closed thinking and open our minds to people and their diversity. Then this shrinking world of ours will become a good place to live for all the people no matter what their individual and personal beliefs. Teresa Palmer is a loving and brave woman who has the courage and gumption to do things as per her beliefs. We must respect that!

Teresa Palmer is Back to her Ways as a Controversial Mother!
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Teresa Palmer is Back to her Ways as a Controversial Mother!
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Teresa Palmer likes to share her experiences of being a mother with her fans and admirers. She has run into trouble for doing that in the past because people did not agree with some of her practices as a mother. However, Palmer continues to march to the beat of her drum.
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