Dwayne Johnson Pour out the Love
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Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is the proverbial big tough guy with the soft heart. Not only has he successfully taken over the mantle of the biggest action star in the world from Sylvester Stallone he has won the hearts of kids and women everywhere. His strength is tinged with the vulnerability for women that makes an action star liked and admired around the world like he is. Johnson is an action star who looks like the best friend you can have if you are surrounded by any kind of danger.

The Rock is a Mama’s Boy

Johnson is a mama’s boy and has admitted this in the media many times. He celebrates Mother’s Day every year with a lot of sensitivity and enthusiasm because he cares and loves his mother more than anything else in the world. This year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 10, 2020, and Johnson has something special planned out for his mama and his baby mama as well. He has posted a video on Instagram where he is giving a demonstration of how to make “Teremana Mamaritas” for your mothers on this special day.

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A Demo of Making “Teremana Mamaritas!”


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* with a lil’ 4yr old tornado 🌪 running around 😂❤️ This Mother’s Day, I’m sending out XTRA LOVE to all the TereMamas out there who’ve been tirelessly wearing all those extra hats from being a chef, teacher, entertainer, nurse and #1 play date for your babies at home – this drink is for you. When you spoil your mamas this weekend, remember the magic ingredient is whatever their favorite spice, fruit or flavor is. It’s up to her, cos Teremana goes with everything. Remember to send in your videos of those beautiful faces being served their special Mamaritas this weekend. Most importantly, have a happy, healthy and safe Mother’s Day. And rose petals in the drink is always a beautiful touch 😉🌹 #Mamaritas 🥃 #Teremamas 🖤 #MothersDay

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Johnson is giving a demo right in front of his house and has all the ingredients laid out on a small table before him. He is constantly getting interrupted by his 4-year old daughter but the gentle giant that he is he manages to get her co-operation in making the drinks by involving her in this process. See the video attached to this article to learn how to make some fantastic Teremana Mamaritas. Just remember one thing which is to ask your mama what her favorite fruit is so that you can use it as an ingredient to put it in the drinks.

Mothers are God’s Gifts to Mankind

Johnson has rightly said that mamas deserve all the gratitude and thanks we can come up with for the superb way that they play multiple roles in the family by being among other things chefs, nurses, teachers, entertainers, and play dates for their children. They deserve all the love and respect in the world for this: especially this year when the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic has scared everyone and reminded them how fragile life can be and how important family is.

Make Your Mamas Happy


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My current training schedule is as follows/ Mon* chest, calves, abs, cardio. Tue* back, abs, neck, cardio. Wed* delts, abs, cardio Thur* arms, abs, calves, cardio. Fri* chest, back, abs, cardio. Sat* legs, abs, calves. Sun* off. Maybe 😈 My current weight/ 281lbs. Will I ever post vids of me actually working out/ No. While millions and millions of you can’t workout in your gyms, the last thing I’ll be is an asshole posting videos of myself working out in mine. Just know I train angry and pissed that we’re all in this situation and I CAN’T WAIT for all of you to return to your own gyms and train like BEASTS. Thank you all for the awesome questions. Stay healthy, safe & positive as best you can. We’ll get thru this. I’m right there with you. D #rage

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So watch this video carefully and soak up all the recipes and tips that Johnson is giving to you and also how evocative his talk is about showing love and respect for your mamas. Then make these Telemana Mamaritas for your mamas after asking then what their favorite fruit is as that would be the main ingredient in these fantastic drinks. We wish all your mothers a very happy Mother’s Day on May 10, 2020!

This Mother’s Day Watch Dwayne Johnson Pour out the Love!
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This Mother’s Day Watch Dwayne Johnson Pour out the Love!
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Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock kicks ass on the screen when he eliminates the bad guys but off-screen he is a softie with a big heart. He is a mama’s boy even today and has only love and respect for mothers all over the world. He is telling his fans how to make their mamas happy on this year’s Mother’s Day.
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