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With the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus in America, everybody is getting health conscious and asking themselves whether they are medically safe or not. In such trying times they are looking at authority figures to get direction and advice. One such strong man who gives a lot of confidence to people is Jerome Adams, currently serving as the 20th Surgeon General of the United States of America. The spotlight has fallen on him and his family especially the US surgeon general’s wife Lacey Adams. People are curious to know more about Dr. Jerome Adams’ wife Lacey Adams. Here are a few details of Lacey Adams’ wiki.

A Happy Family

Jerome Adams and Lacey Adams’ marriage has weathered many storms both professional and personal but nothing tested their marriage and their commitment to each other more than the two cancer diagnoses she had. It all began on a seemingly regular day in 2009 when Lacey Adams went for her postpartum checkup to her gynecologist. Adams had just given birth to her third child and she was expecting a normal state of health even though she was a little puzzled by the new mole on her thigh.

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The Worst Kind of Cancer

When the doctor checked her new mole he told her something that wiped the smile off her face. It was melanoma, one of the deadliest types of skin cancers. Luckily it was found out early so a simple operation removed the mole and the surrounding tissue. The doctor declared Adams cancer-free and there was tremendous happiness in the Adams family. Lacey and Jerome celebrated the event with their three children, two boys named Caden and Eli, and a daughter named Millie.

A Move to Washington DC

In her teens and early twenties, Adams was a pale blonde who loved to stretch out under the hot sun to get a great tan. When she was just 14 years old she started using indoor tanning beds regularly little knowing that they were one of the biggest contributors to skin cancer. After the cancer was averted Adams put all her energy on raising her three children and supporting Jerome whose career was on a roll. In September 2017, Jerome was sworn in as the United States Surgeon General and the whole family had to pack up their belongings in Indiana and move to Washington DC. Though she now lived in the nation’s capital Adams has always insisted that at heart she would always be a Midwest girl.

Second Time Lucky

Sometime later Adams noticed some lumps on her groin and mentioned it to her husband. Both of them later forgot it but a few weeks later Adams noticed that they were still there. When she showed them to her doctor friend she had a look at them and immediately became serious. Adams knew that this was no laughing matter and went to a doctor. Adams was tested and it was found that she had stage 3C cancer which was fatal. She was only 41 years old at that time. In March 2018 she had surgery to remove 12 cancerous lymph nodes and their surrounding tissue. She had to undergo immunotherapy drug injections regularly for a year. Finally, on May 9, 2019, Adams had her last treatment and she was declared cancer-free for a second time.

A Pillar of Support

Today Adams is very grateful to God that she escaped certain jaws of death twice thanks to the early detection of her skin cancer. Her husband and kids supported her all through these difficulties and today she is supporting her husband as he is having a difficult time being the “nation’s doctor” while the Coronavirus is raging in the streets. Lacey Adams knows what fear is and today she is standing right beside her busy husband even as he tries to perform his duties with all the will he has.

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Surgeon General Jerome Adams’ Wife Lacey Adams’ Wiki: Cheating Death Twice!
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Surgeon General Jerome Adams’ Wife Lacey Adams’ Wiki: Cheating Death Twice!
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Lacey Adams finds herself in the limelight after her husband has become a national figure due to his being the Surgeon General of the USA. Lacey is a fighter as she has twice successfully beaten skin cancer that could have killed her. Today she is supporting her husband as the nation fights the Coronavirus.
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