Kylie Jenner Quarantine Time
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Little Stormi is already kicking up a storm! That right! We will get to that later. First, we would like to tell you that we have some news of your favorite celebrity Kylie Jenner and what she is doing while trying to pass her time in this long quarantine that we all are under. Jenner is stuck at home just like the rest of us mortals and is having a tough time not being able to live her normal busy life.

A Conversation about Cute Jeans


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She has posted a couple of small videos on her Instagram account that gives some indication of what she is up to these days. For starters, she is thoroughly bored as is evident from her tepid exchange with her friend regarding a pair of jeans that the friend is wearing. Kylie Jenner starts the conversation by saying that the pair of jeans her friend is wearing is cute to which her friend replies that you are cute jeans. Then Jenner asks if they are her jeans and the friend replies that they are not.

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Stormi Raises a Storm!


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a visual representation of how my friends are gonna have to drag me out the first party post quarantine

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It goes back and forth and you can see the boredom hitting the fan. Such is the current days of the mighty Jenner under quarantine. The other clip is much more interesting mainly because of Jenner’s kid Stormi. Jenner is seen taking Stormi out of a room and saying that she needs to go to bed while Stormi screams to be put down and attend the party or function from which she has been taken out. Jenner is laughing even as her kid shouts all along the way demanding to be sent back to the party. Sure looks like Stormi has the Kardashian delight for parties already.

A Great Mother-Daughter Bond

Kylie Jenner with Her Kid
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Jenner is very happy while carting Stormi across the hallway and is laughing all along the way. It is obvious that the mother and daughter share a wonderful relationship and are at ease with each other. That’s great because mother-daughter bonding is a wonderful thing. Kylie Jenner has always shared a warm relationship with her mother Kris Jenner and it’s great to see the baton being passed down to the next generation.

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COVID-19 is a Great Leveler

Jenner has jokingly posted that this is a visual representation of how her friends will have to drag her out of the first party she attends after quarantine ends. It just shows how badly cooped up Jenner feels thanks to the enforced lockdown which is keeping her and everyone she knows inside their houses with no chance of going outside. COVID-19 is a great leveler as it deals the same to everyone and is not afraid of any celebrity names!

Vignettes from Kylie Jenner’s Forced Quarantine Time
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Vignettes from Kylie Jenner’s Forced Quarantine Time
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Kylie Jenner is under quarantine like millions of people in large parts of the world and is thoroughly bored with it. She is trying to cheer herself up by shooting some inane videos that are hardly amusing for her. They do look funny to everybody else and her kid wants a party in the middle of a national calamity.
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