What Happened to Fetty Wap
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No matter how much people may dislike rap music there is no denying that a much greater number of people love it. No longer the black man’s music today rap music has as many Caucasian fans as any other category of music that people are listening to. Rap stars are treated like royalty by their fans and rap music is always present on the Billboard charts all through the year. One man who made a sensational beginning in rap music is Fetty Wap who had everybody grooving to his single “Trap Queen” in May 2015. Of late he has not been seen in public and neither on the Billboard charts so people are going around asking questions like what happened to Fetty Wap? And where is Fetty Wap now? We will tell all we know about Fetty Wap’s whereabouts right here.

A Bevy of Hit Singles

Fetty Wap whose real name is Willie Junior Maxwell II is an American rapper, singer and songwriter who released his self-titled debut album in September 2015. The album contained several hit singles like “679,” “My Way,” and “Again.” The album debuted at the number one spot on the US Billboard 200 charts and everyone was asking each other about this new rapper who was creating such a sensation. Then Wap released two mixtapes titled Coke Zoo and ZOO16: The Mixtape which further strengthened his reputation as a very talented rapper.

Big Brawl in Las Vegas

After that fantastic beginning Fetty Wap sort of lost his way. His music was not as popular as he and his fans wanted it to be. He got into trouble with the law. He had indiscriminate affairs with a bevy of women. He released the odd singles like “Jimmy Choo,” “Wake Up,” “Make You Feel Good,” “Like a Star,” “Way You Are,” and “Flip Phone” but something was missing. Then Fetty Wap got himself arrested by the police in Las Vegas, Nevada, after getting into a scrap with some hotel employees there. It seems that he punched three employees of a hotel and was charged by the Las Vegas Police Department on charges of three counts of battery.

Whereabouts Unknown

Where is Fetty Wap Now
Photo: Instagram/fettywap1738

Later he was released by the police but the damage was done. People were talking about how Fetty Wap had lost his magic touch with regard to his music. Others said that early success had gone to his head. However, the one thing that kept Wap alive was his passion for music. He was missing from the music scene so much that people were actually asking questions like is Fetty Wap dead? and is Fetty Wap still alive? The good news is that Wap is very much alive and very involved in making good music which had endeared him to the public in the first place.

Making Love Babies at Record Speed!

He has also been involved in making love babies all this time. Even though Fetty Wap is just 28 years old he is already the father of seven children from six different women. That’s right! People have been wondering if Fetty Wap is the father of Alexis Skyy’s baby? The answer is that he is the father of the couple’s baby girl named Alaiya who was born in 2018. It’s a good thing that Fetty Wap has been making money all these years because if there is someone in rap music who needs to provide paternity support it is Fetty Wap. Seven children from six different women in barely 4-5 years! Beat that!

Fetty Wap is on an American Tour

So what is Fetty Wap doing in 2020? He is on tour taking his music far and wide. Fetty Wap is on tour with his band of musicians right now with concerts scheduled in various cities in the USA and even in Mexico. His concerts are scheduled in February, March, April, and May 2020 with the last one in Boston on May 20, 2020. People are buying tickets for his tour because the word is out that Fetty Wap has got his mojo back and is really grooving. So if you are a fan of rap music then you must surely check out his concerts as Fetty Wap is one hell of a talented rapper. He is promoting his latest studio album that he will be releasing in October 2020. So catch the one-eyed rapper in action at a city near you!

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What Happened to Fetty Wap? Where is Fetty Wap Now?
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What Happened to Fetty Wap? Where is Fetty Wap Now?
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