What Happened to Lauryn Ricketts
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Viewers who have watched the mightily competent Lauryn Ricketts give them the latest news on the weather are a little upset that she is not seen on the TV of late. They are wondering “What happened to Lauryn Ricketts?” and are asking “Where is Lauryn Ricketts now?” So who is this much liked and popular Lauryn Ricketts? Her program comes on the NBC network and she is one of their most popular anchors. So what’s all this hullaballoo about Ricketts not being seen? Why hasn’t anybody seen Lauryn Ricketts lately!

The Harsh Call of Duty

Where has Lauryn Ricketts been? She has been spending time with her husband of late and for a very good reason. Ricketts, the 36-year old weather forecaster, is married to Eric Earnhardt, a retired Marine Corps Major who has done a tour of duty in war-torn Afghanistan. They got married on December 30, 2017, in Brooklyn Arts Center, Wilmington, North Carolina. Unfortunately barely two weeks after they became man and wife Earnhardt was deployed to Afghanistan.  It was tough for both of them especially Ricketts but she was now a tough military wife so she took it on her chin and gamely carried on.

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She is Having a Baby!

Luckily Earnhardt came back from the deployment in one piece and Ricketts sighed relief. After this, the couple has learned to value every moment they get to spend together and have strived for contestant togetherness while managing their careers as well. Their closeness and attraction have led to the inevitable. Is Lauryn Ricketts pregnant? Ye! Lauryn Ricketts is pregnant with their first child and she announced this happy news on January 19, 2020, through her show on NBC. That’s right! At that point, Ricketts was already four months pregnant.

Sharing Her Happiness with Everyone

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She shared this wonderful news with all her friends, relatives, the viewers and thanked all her fans and the NBC crews for their continued support. It was obvious that Ricketts had been looking forward to extending her family and was eager to be a mother. She later shared the news of her four-month-old pregnancy via her Instagram account on January 22, 2020, where she revealed that it was going to be a baby boy. Both she and Earnhardt are on top of the moon and probably the happiest couple in the country right now. It’s amazing what a baby’s arrival can do to his or her happy parents. Suddenly they find deep meaning in their lives.

Enough Money, No Problems

Right now Ricketts is getting ready for the baby and making arrangements for the tiny tot who is going to arrive soon. She earns well so the money situation is taken care of. Her annual salary is believed to be about $55,000 and her net worth is believed to be around $500,000. It’s not surprising as Ricketts has been working for the better part of two decades after having finished her education. She has been working for TV since 2003 and has accumulated all her wealth from her career on TV. Now she is making their home ready for the baby boy who is going to arrive soon and be the apple of the couple’s eyes.

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Soft Heart Mother

That Ricketts is a kind soul is evident from her love for animals and the fact that she already owns a pet cat. Now she will shower all her love on the baby. Her fans and viewers are upset that they won’t be seeing her for a while but guys give the lady a break! She is going to be a mother! After some time Ricketts will be back for her show because she loves her job and is keen to continue her career. So cheer up people Lauryn Ricketts will be BACK!

What Happened to Lauryn Ricketts? Where is Lauryn Ricketts Now?
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What Happened to Lauryn Ricketts? Where is Lauryn Ricketts Now?
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Lauryn Ricketts is the popular anchor and weather forecaster on NBC and has recently revealed that she is pregnant with her first child. She is taking a break for delivering her baby and her fans are already missing her. They are a bit lost without her as watching her weather report has become a habit for them.
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