What Happened to the Rosso Twins
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Their fans haven’t forgotten them yet and are keen to know what they are doing now. We are talking about the Rosso twins, namely Rebecca Rosso and Camilla Rosso, the two super cute sisters who played the roles of Jessica and Janice Ellis in the popular show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody way back in 2006-2008. Camilla “Milly” Rosso played the role of Janice Ellis while Rebecca “Becky” Rosso played the role of Jessica Ellis and both stole everybody’s hearts with their combination of innocence and blonde loveliness. They went on to act in other popular shows as well and now in 2020 their fans are asking questions like what happened to the Rosso twins? And where are the Rosso sisters now?

Likable & Lovable Blondes

Milly and Becky as they are usually called acted in other series as well after the big success of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. In March 2010 they appeared in a single episode of the spinoff show The Suite Life on Deck after playing larger and lead roles in the film Legally Blondes. Legally Blondes was produced by actress Reese Witherspoon who had earlier starred in the hit film Legally Blonde. Legally Blondes went on to become a direct-to-DVD release on April 28, 2009, and the twins gave a very likable performance. They even sang the song “Lucky Girl” for the film and received kudos from all quarters.

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They Formed a Pop Group

Where are the Rosso Sisters Now
Photo: Instagram/millyandbecky

Then Milly and Becky turned to sing and formed an all-girl group named The Rosso Sisters and were joined by their real-life sisters named Georgina and Lola. They sang and earned a sizable number of fans and even performed with Demi Lovato on the Neon Lights Tour. All was going well until their mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late 2014. Their mother Anthea had been a constant source of inspiration for the sisters and they were devastated when they were told that the cancer was incurable.

Losing their Mother Devastated Them

In February 2015 Anthea passed away and the girls including Milly and Becky decided to step away from the spotlight and spend time with family. They could not bring themselves to sing and dance so they stepped away from their career and quietly grieved for their dead mother. It was a sad day in 2015 for them and all their fans in the English speaking world when they disbanded their music group and spent time in mourning with only each other for comfort. The music world and their fans lost a talented pop group forever. Since then there has been no talk about the sisters coming back and singing as a group or solo again.

No News about Them Anywhere

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Photo: Instagram/millyandbecky

So what are they doing now? Unfortunately, they have completely broken away from the entertainment world and are not involved with any TV series, films or singing as of now. Their break from the entertainment world seems to be permanent as there is no information about them on the Internet after 2015. The Rosso twins are among the few in the entertainment world who realized that family was more important than anything else and so made the wise decision of leaving their glamorous world behind and live a simple life with each other.

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They are Still Shining in Memories

However, they have left an indelible mark on their fans and the teenagers who have watched their shows over the years. People still remember the two pretty sisters who made everybody smile and like them with their looks and sweet nature. Many a teenage boy had a crush on Milly and Becky and dreamed of having a friend like them. Stardom was at the feet of the two sisters and they were all set to enter the big league until fate determined otherwise. In their fans’ memories, the Rosso twins shine forever!

What Happened to the Rosso Twins? Where are the Rosso Sisters Now?
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What Happened to the Rosso Twins? Where are the Rosso Sisters Now?
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The Rosso sisters Milly and Becky were very popular and liked by all in their popular show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. They later went on to form a singing group and did several live shows before disbanding permanently due to the unexpected death of their moth and anchor Anthea Rosso.
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