What Happened to Coryxkenshin coming back

If you have been a regular watcher of videos and vlogs on YouTube then you might have heard of the name of Coryxkenshin. That isn’t his real name by the way. Coryxkenshin’s real name is Cory DeVante Williams and he was born on November 9, 1992, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, which means his age is now 27 years. He acquired a lot of fame and name for a guy who is just 27 years old and has been a YouTuber for a while. There has been a lot of chatter about him with people asking questions like what happened to Coryxkenshin? And where is Coryxkenshin? Some people have even been asking the grave question “Is Coryxkenshin dead?”

He Started Out Small

Where is Coryxkenshin
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Before we get into all that let us tell you a bit about this interesting guy. Coryxkenshin, which is his online name, is an American YouTuber and Let’s Player who is referred to as “best Samurai” by some fans. He was last based in South Lyon, Michigan, and thanks to his interesting personality and the unique edits in all his videos he has an active and loyal following on his YouTube channel. His first game series was about the 1994 sports game known as Super Punch Out. Cory, as he is often called, appeared in many gaming festivals and started rubbing shoulders with celebrities on the circuit like Muyskerm, Yamimash, jacksepticeye, and Lord Minion777.

Cory Does His Disappearing Act

He went on to play more horror games and also action games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. He made extreme videos about Outlast, Corpse Party, and The Evil Within. Cory has dropped out of sight for a while in 2019 but this isn’t the first time that he is taking a break or hiatus. He has done this vanishing act several times before like on February 16, 2016, when he stopped uploading for more than two months. He was not active on social media even during this time and fans were wondering where Cory had disappeared. Then he came back in April 2016 after uploading a video and his fans breathed a sigh of relief.

Cory is Back on Social Media!

He did this again a couple of times for long periods and fans came to expect this for him. He has done it again now and that’s why his fans are wondering where Cory is. First of all, Cory is not dead at all. He is just taking another hiatus probably for a longer time than ever before. He dropped down from the radar in 2019 and people are asking “When is Coryxkenshin coming back?” Well, there is no information on when Cory is coming back as to the exact date and time but according to sources, he will be back in 2020. He is already back on social media as on April 24, 2020, he tweeted that he is back in full effect and that he was working smarter and not harder. He even asked his fans and followers about what games they wanted to see on the channel.

Let the Games Begin, Again!

So relax all you Coryxkenshin fans out there, he is back and more news about him will surely trickle down now. Cory has been up to his usual disappearing act again only for a longer time this time. He just couldn’t stay away from the things he loves and the fans who love him. Cory is back and all the naysayers who said that he might be dead can go and eat raw grass! Coryxkenshin is back with a bang and things are gonna rock n’ roll again!

What Happened to Coryxkenshin? Where is Coryxkenshin? Is He Dead?
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What Happened to Coryxkenshin? Where is Coryxkenshin? Is He Dead?
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Coryxkenshin dropped out of sight once again as he has done several times in the past and all kinds of rumors about him started floating around. Some were even wondering if he was dead! However, the latest news is that he is hale and hearty and back again to regale his fans with his awesome videos.
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