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People who love animals never missed a single episode of the show The Incredible Dr. Pol and cheered every time an animal was treated and made better by the hard-working vets on the show. One of their favorite vets was Dr. Emily Thomas who worked hard to give care and attention to the poor animals which were treated in the clinic. Thomas won the hearts and minds of all the staff at the clinic and the millions of viewers with her love and dedication towards the animals in her care. There has been no better friend of these hapless and helpless animals ever since Dr. Emily Thomas took the responsibility of caring for them.

Where Could she Be Now?

So when she was not seen in the show people naturally asked questions like “Where did Dr. Emily go?” and “Where did Dr. Emily move to?” Some were not able to believe that Dr. Thomas was not in the show anymore and were asking incredulously “Did Dr. Emily leave Dr. Pol?” We will tell you what happened and why did Dr. Emily Thomas leave Dr. Pol. There was no bitter fight or argument between the two at all. There was a very normal reason why Dr. Thomas chose to part from the clinic and go her own way.

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A Passion for Healing Animals

Dr. Thomas was with Pol Veterinary Services since 2015 and as everybody knows was not easily repelled or disgusted with anything. She was quite comfortable and very caring while treating large farm animals even when she was pregnant with her second child and working right up to the sixth month of her pregnancy.  But of late she started feeling that it was not working out for her to continue at the clinic and she thought about it. She left the show and that is why viewers will not be able to see her on the sixteenth season of the show that started on January 11, 2020.

Big Reasons to Move On

Dr. Thomas explained her reasons for leaving Dr. Pol and his clinic on her blog. She wrote that the stress of working while having three kids to take care of, being on call all the time, and new vets not staying in their jobs for long made it very difficult for her to work there. She was doing more than her share of work with no extra compensation. She wrote:

“I was having more health problems, physically and mentally than I’ve ever had. Suicidal thoughts, even, despite medication. Finally, my therapist and [friends] pushed me to reach out and find a better job. I would take a huge hit with the salary, having Nat Geo paying me twice as much as my vet salary, but I had to escape the darkness.”

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Happy in her Present State

Photo: Instagram/drthomcat

She continued:

“So, I found this job that I have now, small animal only. No on-call. . . I. AM. LOVING. IT.”

So where is Dr. Thomas now? She and her family moved to Virginia in June 2019 after saying goodbye to Dr. Pol and the show in Michigan. She is now working at the Warren County Veterinary Clinic and is very happy working there according to her needs and wishes.  She is enjoying her life there as is evident from her recent social media posts which show her hiking, trail running, painting and gardening in her spare time.

She is Still their Best Friend!

why did dr emily thomas leave dr pol
Photo: Instagram/drthomcat

So Dr. Thomas will not be seen on The Incredible Dr. Pol anymore which is a big blow for her fans and well-wishers. They should cheer up that even though she is not on the show she is still doing the wonderful service of caring and healing animals that are in distress and pain. Dr. Thomas has a kind heart and a passion to help all kinds of animals. She is doing it in Virginia and animals still have a great friend in the incredible Dr. Emily Thomas!

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Where did Dr. Emily Go? Why did Dr. Emily Thomas Leave Dr. Pol?
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Where did Dr. Emily Go? Why did Dr. Emily Thomas Leave Dr. Pol?
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