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His full name is Albert Lincoln Roker Jr. but everybody calls him just Al Roker. So who is Al Roker? Al Roker is the co-host of the program 3rd Hour Today. People love to watch Al Roker’s Today show and don’t want him to miss a single day. So when all this chaos about the Coronavirus has been going on concerned viewers and fans of Roker have been asking the question “Where is Al Roker today?” We will tell you all we know about what Al Roker is up to these days.

Exposure to the Coronavirus

Unfortunately, Roker was exposed to a co-worker who had Coronavirus a few days ago so he had to take the precautionary step of self-isolating himself for some time to ensure he, in turn, does not give the virus to someone else. However, if anyone thought that this would keep Roker away from doing what he loves and enjoys the most then they got it all wrong. Nothing in the world, not even the mighty Coronavirus can keep Roker away from appearing in front of the cameras and giving his eager audience the latest news about the weather.

Home Sweet Home!

People must be wondering that if Roker is in isolation then how come he is still appearing in the program giving the latest news about the weather. They are asking the question “Where is Al Roker broadcasting from?” Al Roker is broadcasting news about the weather from his home. To be precise, from his kitchen with the help of his iPad! What’s that saying about never being able to keep a good man down? That’s right! Coronavirus or no Coronavirus, nobody and nothing is going to stop Al Roker from giving his faithful audience the latest news about the virus!

Being a Good Citizen

People are also asking the question “Is Al Roker sick?” It’s a valid question given that he has been exposed to a co-worker who was infected with the Coronavirus. From the latest reports, it looks like he is not sick right now though this status might change shortly. He is doing the right thing by going into self-isolation to ensure that he does not pass on the infection to somebody else if he comes to the office to work. Right now he is in isolation at his home so the chances of him infecting somebody else are very low. That’s exactly what a good citizen must do in these trying times and that’s what Al Roker is doing.

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Where Does Al Roker Live?

People are curious to know where Al Roker lives. He lives in New York City with his wife Deborah Roberts and his son Nick and he recently met them while taking a break from his 15-day isolation period. Some viewers are concerned about Roker’s future and they have been asking the question “Is he leaving the Today show?” There is no such news at the moment. Neither Roker nor NBC has said anything remotely like this. There is no official or unofficial news about Al Roker leaving the Today show. It is probably a rumor but unless somebody confirms it the rumor cannot be taken seriously. So if you want to find out where he is at the moment try knocking on Al Roker’s house. One thing is sure: If you are lucky then Roker will not be opening his front door!

Where is Al Roker Today? Where is Al Roker Broadcasting From? Where does He live?
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Where is Al Roker Today? Where is Al Roker Broadcasting From? Where does He live?
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Al Roker was exposed to a co-worker who was suffering from the Coronavirus a few days ago. He went into self-isolation to keep others safe by not going near them. He was seen giving his weather update on the show Today but he was not present in the studio. So where was Al Roker then?
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