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He has been around for a while so many people know who he is especially after watching the show Cheaters. We are talking about Joey Greco, the American television personality and sometimes actor, who hosted the long-running reality TV show Cheaters for 10 seasons. Then he was not seen on it for a while and that’s when people started asking questions like Why did Joey Greco leave Cheaters? and What happened to Joey Greco? Don’t worry we will tell you all we know about Joey Greco especially where is Joey Greco today?

A Jack of Several Trades

Talking about Joey Greco makes it impossible to not mention the show Cheaters which became so popular when he was the long-serving host. Greco began his working career by becoming among other things a counselor, a fitness trainer in Dallas, and then a real estate manager. In between, he also had a stint at a bar in a seafood restaurant. Talk of being a jack of trades! His foray into TV started as a fitness trainer on ESPN’s musically tinged fitness show called Fitness Pros.

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Lady Luck Smiles a Big Smile

Greco came into the public eye when he landed a job as the host of the reality TV show Cheaters where he replaced former host Tommy Habeeb in December 2002. He hosted the show for 10 years until season 13 in 2012-2013 when he was in turn replaced by Clark Gable III, a grandson of the legendary Hollywood star Clark Gable [yes, of Gone with the Wind fame].  Then he later turned up like a bad penny for the show’s season 15 again as a hoist in 2015. He also got the chance to appear in some television commercials.

Dead or Alive? Stabbed or Not?

Greco isn’t just remembered for the fine hosting he did for Cheaters but also because of the “stabbing” controversy that erupted in 2003. In early 2003 it was reported that Joey Greco was stabbed by a jealous boyfriend when the Cheaters crew got aboard his boat. Viewers were led to believe that Joey Greco was stabbed and some even believed that Joey Greco was dead. Confusion prevailed for a while until November 3, 2009, when Inside Edition, a news program, interviewed the boyfriend’s female companion who admitted that the so-called “stabbing” of Greco was all staged.

The Loss of Credibility

When Greco was asked about the truth behind his stabbing he replied that he couldn’t comment on the incident because of legal reasons. Earlier the police had told news crews that they couldn’t do anything about the so-called stabbing because there were no rules regarding that. However, the news of the fake stabbing went all over the entertainment and Greco lost a lot of credibility because of his part in the tasteless matter. Still, the makers of the show stood with him and he became a co-producer of the show in season 10. People were upset at all this unnecessary created drama and they never had the same love and affection they earlier had for Greco again.

Where Could he be Now?

So where is Joey Greco today? According to reports he is living a life of luxury and is rumored to have a net worth of $2.0 million and has made money by appearing on TV over the years. He is supposed to have separated from his wife Eanna some years ago and not much is known about his personal life since then. He is 48 years old now and the irony is that Cheaters is being revived but without Greco as the host. According to the makers of the show, the new host is Peter Gunz and Greco was not considered despite being the longest-serving and most popular host of the show so far.

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Time & Tide Wait for No Man!

So playing along with fake “stabbing” story and incident did hurt Greco in the long run. He doesn’t have credibility and in any profession that is the foundation of success. Still, Greco did a fine job when the sun was shining for him. Memories do die hard!

Joey Greco Now: Why did Joey Greco Leave “Cheaters?”
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Joey Greco Now: Why did Joey Greco Leave “Cheaters?”
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Joey Greco had found something stable in his life as the host of the long-running reality show Cheaters but then lost his credibility over a so-called “stabbing” incident. He hung around for a while before losing his place in the public eye. The show Cheaters is supposedly coming back in 2020 but without Joey Greco!
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