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He is the living embodiment of the adage that success goes to the hard working individual. His name is Manu Kumar Jain and he is at present the Global Vice President and Managing Director of Xiaomi Corporation’s India operations. Earlier he was handling Xiaomi’s business in the Indian subcontinent of the giant Chinese electronics company. He was responsible for the company’s business in countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. He has been steadily climbing the corporate ladder over the years and now finds himself in the limelight in corporate India. People are curious about Manu Kumar Jain’s net worth and his success story as well. We will tell you all we know about Manu Kumar Jain’s wiki right here.

Who is Manu Kumar Jain?

Born on January 25, 1981, in the town of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, Jain was a good and industrious student right from the start. He started his academic career by cracking what many still consider the toughest entrance exam in India, the IIT Entrance exams. He completed his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi before securing his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkota. He also gained international exposure by completing his PGDM in Management from the famous ESCP Business School.

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He is Not an Overnight Success!

Not many people know that Jain started out as a coder developing software solutions for investment banks in June 2003 and stuck at it for two years before being a summer intern at Tata Administrative Services for three months. His corporate career began in earnest when he joined McKinsey & Company where he worked as an Engagement Manager for more than four years. During this time he worked in industry sectors such as sales & marketing, retail, FMCG products and automobiles.

Jain has always been a creative individual and this quality found full expression when he co-created a cartoon series named “DINK Couple” based on his real-life experiences. He then went on to co-found the company named which at one point became India’s leading fashion & lifestyle player carrying more than 1,000 brands. At one time had the highest traffic among all e-commerce sites in India. He also had short stints as a Board Member in companies like KrazyBee and Hungama.

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Shifting into Higher Gear!

Jain really came into his own when he joined Xiaomi India as Managing Director in May 2014 and then went on to become the Global Vice President in the company before landing at his current post. Jain is currently in the news because of Xiaomi’s move to spin off POCO, a sub-smartphone brand it had created in 2018, as a standalone company which will now run independently from the mother company and will also have its own marketing strategy.

Jain is Literally Mr. Moneybags

In a recent press release Jain said:

“POCO F1 is an extremely popular phone across user groups, and remains a top contender in its category even in 2020. We feel the time is right to let POCO operate on its own now, which is why we’re excited to announce that POCO will spin off as an independent brand.”

He is one of the highest paid executives in India today. Manu Kumar Jain’s salary in 2017 was Rs.65 lakh as per the Registrar of Companies filings.

Family is Everything

People are curious to know about Jain’s wife and his family but he is an intensely private person. What is known is that he is married and is also a father. Jain is categorical in admitting that the biggest reason for his success is his loving family. In a recent Twitter post he tweeted

“#Family is everything. Our source of strength. We are successful not only because of our hard work, but also thanks to contribution & sacrifices of our family members.”

The Future is Full of Limitless Possibilities

Jain has tasted success all his life but it has only made him humble and grateful for the opportunities he has had in India and abroad. He is now looking all set to take Xiaomi to greater heights with his dynamic and able leadership. With a loving wife and family by his side and a lion’s ambition Manu Kumar Jain is all set to shake up the world of international business in the days to come.

Manu Kumar Jain’s Wiki: The Indian Tiger in the Chinese Juggernaut
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Manu Kumar Jain’s Wiki: The Indian Tiger in the Chinese Juggernaut
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