Fact Check: What Happened to Twinkle Sharma? Was Twinkle Really Raped?

What Happened to Twinkle Sharma

June 15, 2019 by Naveen for Everlasting Celebrations

What Happened to Twinkle Sharma

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Claim Reviewed: Twinkle was raped, her eyes were gouged out, and acid was poured on her face before the murder.
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Disclaimer: In this article, we are not trying to play with anyone’s emotions, neither we are supporting any religious war, as many are trying to fire this type of war on the social media.

The atmosphere is very bad, with so many tears in eyes, I don’t have a single word to speak. The only thing I can say is:

RIP Twinkle little kid, wherever your soul is, may it will be rest in peace.

Last week an irritating incident came to light, which fired the heart of all the Indians. This is not the fire of something other, but this is the fire of sadness and angriness.

In Aligarh, a two and a half-year-old kid was brutally killed by two hard-hearted people and throws the body to the street garbage dustbin.

The ashamed ones are already under custody, and further inquiries are under process.

As the news of this cruel case rolls out, social media channels like Twitter, Facebook gets flooded with different type aroused messages. Everyone is showing sorrow for this painful news.

Many celebrities take their social accounts to express their sorrow for the same. Peoples across all over the country came to roads in the form of different rallies, demanding strict punishment for the responsible ones.

#JusticeForTwinkle gets a trend on Twitter. Everyone is sharing their feeling regarding the incident. But, one thing is common on each and every tweet, demand for strict punishment.

Some illiterate peoples are trying to provoking the public for religious war in the name of this incident because the guilty ones are Muslims. Yes, I will always address this type of shit*y people illiterate, because a literate person never provokes the public for his self profit or any kind of religious war. We can address this type of people as “Literate-Illiterate.”

In this article, I am not sharing any tweet of any well-said celebrity. Also, I am not going to compare this case with the Kathua’s Devi Sthan Temple’s case, neither am going to start a debate on Hindu-Muslims. Because my motto is not to motivate you guys for a religious war. My only motto behind this article is to bust the false news and show the real truth behind the rubbish controversies.

So let’s come to the point that what really was happened in the Aligarh. Was the kid really raped? Was some type of acid poured into her body? Let’s see.

What Happened to Twinkle Sharma?

Here’s the complete timeline of the case in detail:

29th May 2019

This true crime story of Tappal, district of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh starts on 29th May 2019.

All things started with an argument on the evening of 29th May, when Zahid came to Twinkle’s house for the recovery of the loan amount of Rs. 10,000. Maybe Twinkle’s parents or family members had supposed to pay the loan amount to the Zahid. But they refused to pay the same, which gave rise to a serious argument between the Zahid and kid’s family members.

Twinkle Parent Fight with Zahid

Zahid left their house with some threatening warning saying he could do something bad with Twinkle’s family member, as revenge.

30th-31st May 2019

On the next day i.e 30th of May, evening, the kid Twinkle Sharma was playing near her house’s patio. But, as the sun sets in the evening, Twinkle not returned back to her house at the usual time.

Twinkle Playing

Her family get tensed and started searching for the kid, asked the neighbours if they saw her. But they couldn’t found her.

At last, they went to the police station for filing a case for the missing kid. But just look at the brutality of the police, they registered the FIR only 30 hours after she couldn’t be found i.e on 31st of May. How cruel were they?

2nd-3rd June 2019

On the morning, when garbage disposing lady reached the street dustbin for garbage picking, found the dead body of a kid which was completely decomposed, and the street dogs were niching that body.

“Tina’s body was completely decomposed with her eyes gouged out.” – (as claimed by so many news sites including Opindia.)

The lady screamed in fear and called the nearest residents. But, the body was so decomposed that it was nearly impossible to recognize.

The public present at the very spot informed the police for the same. The police take the body to the hospital, where the medical test was done.

Twinkle Sharma Body in Garbage

After the medical test and post mortem, the kid’s body was recognized as Twinkle Sharma. The body was handed up to the family.

The angry villagers blocked the road for the protest, as the police allegedly neglected the case and registered the FIR only 30 hours after the missing of the kid, as already mentioned above.

4th June 2019

After some inquiries police arrested Zahid and his friend Aslam on the basis of doubt. Later, they accepted to be guilty of the kid’s murder.

Criminal Arrested

They accepted that they take the kid from her house’s patio under the greed of biscuits. After that, they choked Twinkle’s neck with a dupatta till death and hide the body in a straw bag. After 3 days, as the body starts emitting the foul smell, they threw the body near the street’s trash bin.

5th June 2019

As the news of Twinkle Sharma breaks, it got trends like a fire in some hours all over the country. The public came to the road for the march, and celebrities take their social profile to express their sorrow.

Candle March for Twinkle

Controversies of Twinkle Khanna Case

As the news rolls out, people started controversies regarding the news. A rumour started all over the country that the responsible persons of the incident first rape the kid and pour some kind of acids on her body, after that, they kill her and threw the body to the garbage. And these controversies also got spread all over the social media channel.

Here is one example of this type of tweet, which is been retweeted 10,000 times:

Also, some news channel claimed that the eyes of the body were gouged out, please check the below screenshot:

Twinkle Fact Check
Photo: https://www.opindia.com/2019/06/aligarh-3-year-old-twinkle-brutally-murdered-by-zahid-over-loan-of-rs-10000/

Fact Check of Rape, Eyes & Acid’s Controversies

Aligarh Police already declared on the behalf of the post mortem report that there is no evidence of rape in the post mortem report. Here’s the tweet from the Aligarh police:

According to police, the financial dispute was the main reason behind the murder and the criminals of the case are already sent to jail. Aligarh police also share a video on Twitter by SSP Aligarh:

On 6th of June, Alt News published a news regarding the fact check of the same incident, where they declared that neither the Eyes of the kid was gouged out, nor the acid was poured on her body.


Despite so many controversies, we come to know that the real fact about all these controversies are all are fake.

Fact Check: What Happened to Twinkle Sharma? Was Twinkle Really Raped?
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Fact Check: What Happened to Twinkle Sharma? Was Twinkle Really Raped?
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