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These Woods are Haunted is an American television show based on real horrific stories. The show has not only attracted the attention of viewers but has also given them a unique experience and thrills which hardly ever have been portrayed by any other fictional show.

These Woods are Haunted have volunteers experimenting into the paranormal activities that lies within the forest. The show has featured real victims sharing their stories in the first person and fictional characters are played by the actors. Some of the main cast includes Holly Steven, Tyler Messervey, Annie Asselin, and Simon Boniface. They are the most occurring characters.

Main Cast of “These Woods are Haunted

These Woods are Haunted is a real-life incident show which has real victims as the first person to narrate their experiences and there are actors who play roles in fictional drama. Holly Stevens is an actor and writer, known for her Haunted series in 2017,  Aliens with Knives 2018 and Terror in the Woods 2017. She was born in 1942 to John Bartlett Stevens and Jean Stevens.

The second main character which frequently appeared on the show is Tyler Messervey. He found fame from his work in Inheritance, Ring, Death Phone in 2018 and Burn, Witch, Burn! in 2019. His perfection in horror and mysterious movies are up to the mark. Annie Asselin is an actor who played various roles in Terror in the Woods and she is associated with the series from season one.

Last but not the least Simon Boniface is one of the most occurring actors in These Woods are Haunted and also gave a special appearance in Too Soon in the year 2020 and We are the Mission released in the year 2020. This dramatization by actors in shows made viewership numbers rise to new heights.

Plot of “These Woods are Haunted

Have you ever imagined what will happen if your dream holiday turns out to be a nightmare? These Woods are Haunted came up with real incidents. In real life, forests hide many unaccountable mysteries. These Woods Are Haunted narrated the true story of a person who has attempted wildness and experienced supernatural activities.

The main aim of the show is to reveal the untold story and mystery within the woods. The first season of These Woods are Haunted is over and they were all set for next season. The second season of These Woods are Haunted was released on October 14, 2019. The next episode is to be released on February 22, 2020. Travel Channel is doing well with their show and the number of viewers is also increasing.

“These Woods are Haunted” Season 2 Cast: Meet the Stars of Travel’s Show
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“These Woods are Haunted” Season 2 Cast: Meet the Stars of Travel’s Show
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These Woods are Haunted are television show based on a real incident and horrified stories. The second season is already started and the next episode is going to release on February 22nd 2020.
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