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Netflix has hit the ball out of the park once again! Netflix’s new biopic Self Made is a four-part series that follows the story of Madam CJ Walker who started her own business after being snubbed by someone she admired and looked up to. The person in the series who is rude to Walker is Addie Monroe the owner of a flourishing hair care business for which Walker was once a saleswoman. Walker was insulted by Monroe saying that she wasn’t pretty enough and pale enough to sell Monroe’s products so Walker quit and started a hair care company of her own and became the wealthiest self-made woman in America. People want to know more about the arrogant Addie Monroe so we will give you some details from Addie Monroe’s wiki.

Reel Life vs Real-Life

However, we must first separate the facts from fiction and give you the true picture of the reel life vs real-life situation. Addie Monroe is based on the life of one Annie Turnbo Malone. So Addie Monroe is a fictional character who represents the real-life person named Annie Malone. However, the part about Madam CJ Walker going on to start her own company after being slighted by Monroe is very true. We will tell you about what happened in this fascinating saga of ambition, hard work, and inspiration.

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A Bad Beginning in Life

Addie Monroe [Annie Malone] was an intelligent, resourceful, creative and hard-working woman who had a dream of building her own company which would make products for black women as nobody else was making them. Being black herself she understood very well the stigma and experience of being racially discriminated back when white and black people of America did not mix. Malone was born in 1869 in Metropolis, Illinois, as Annie Minerva Turnbo to her parents Robert and Isabella Turnbo. Annie was one of the 11 children born to this couple and was practically raised by an older sister of hers as her parents died when Annie was still very young. Annie did not get a proper education but she always dreamed of being educated and financially independent. So she went to night school when she became an adult and became a chemist and an entrepreneur.

Winning Against All Odds

Monroe [Annie] developed a hair product that could straighten African-American women’s hair but would not break it. This was a boon for her customers as their natural hair was curly and other products damaged their hair and their scalp. Annie created her formula which she called Wonderful Hair Grower and started selling it door-to-door. The product was good and Malone was tenacious so her product became a success and she got the courage to dream big. Her dream came true and by the end of World War I, Annie [Monroe] became the first black woman to be a millionaire in America.

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What Happened to the Addie Monroe’s [Annie Malone] Company?

Annie married Aaron E. Malone in 1914 and became Annie Malone the person on whose life the fictional character Addie Monroe is based. Unfortunately, their marriage went bad and in 1927 when Annie was a big success her husband sought a divorce and claimed his share of the business. The matter was finally settled by Annie paying $200,000 as a settlement to him. It was certainly not a small amount by any standard, back in those days. Annie founded Poro College, a cosmetology school for black women, in 1918 and hosted civic functions as well. However, the stock market crash of 1929 negatively affected her business and she had to face a lot of lawsuits. The tough woman that Annie was she continued her business, ran all the 32 branches of her cosmetology school and generously donated to several charities.

The Good Work Carries On

Annie died in 1957 and her daughter and family took over the business and ran it. Her work continues through the Annie Malone Children and Family Services and right now they are trying to raise funds for fighting the Coronavirus outbreak. Annie started this organization in 1888 so that she could attend to the educational and social needs of children and at-risk families of St. Louis, Missouri.  St. Louis has never forgotten Annie Malone and they have an Annie Malone parade every year. This year’s parade is scheduled for May 2020 and the people will remember and honor once again a woman who made it big on her own and more importantly cared for others and gave them so much.

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