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The Walt Disney Studio is probably the most consistent in the history of Hollywood. They have never made a bad film and most of their films are artistic and financial blockbusters. Kids all over the world love Disney films and wait for the next animated picture to be released by the studio and then they pester their parents to take them to the theater to watch the new film. Generations of kids all over the world have grown up watching Disney films which is why everybody has a soft place for Disney films. It is safe to say that the Walt Disney Studio is an institution by itself and every star in Hollywood and the world wants to work in a Disney film.

Give Me Hope Moana!

Moana is one such classic film made by Disney films and was released worldwide in 2016. Moana is a 3D computer-animated musical adventure picture that was made within a budget of $150-175 million and ultimately grossed $690.8 million worldwide. It was a very successful movie release and only added to the legend of the Walt Disney Studio. Moana needs to take the help of Maui, a legendary demigod, to accomplish this critical task and save her people.

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A Gift for the Entire Family


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The big name in this film is, of course, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock who voices and animates the character of Maui. The good news for all kids and adults as well is that this movie is getting premiered on the ABC Network and The Rock is promoting this event through his Instagram account. He has posted a short clip where he is informing all his fans and admirers that Moana comes from The Wonderful World of Disney and is being premiered on the ABC Network which is the network of choice for many families in America. Johnson is happily promoting this movie because he knows it’s a terrific family movie and everybody can sit at home with their legs up the sofa and enjoy this experience.

The Destination for Imaginative Artists

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Moana is the 56th Disney animated feature film and it only shows that when it comes to animation it is still the Walt Disney Studio who sets the standard. Of course, their acquisition of Pixar has only helped their cause. Two of the best animation studios are working together as one unit and the results are out there for everyone to see. Disney movies have fired up the imagination of millions of kids and adults all over the world and it is still the dream of any animation artist with any talent to work with the Walt Disney Studio. They are the epitome of creativity!

Dwayne Johnson Takes to Instagram to Promote his Film “Moana”
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Dwayne Johnson Takes to Instagram to Promote his Film “Moana”
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Walt Disney animated pictures are lapped up by kids and adults all over the world as they are fountainheads of magic and creativity. The movie Moana is getting premiered on the ABC Network and one of the stars of the movie Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is busy promoting it to his fans.
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