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Michelle Janavs is an American retired executive of a family business that develops microwave snacks named as Hot Pocket. The company Hot Pocket is popular for frozen microwave meals. Michelle Janavs is one of the parents who got accused in the scam of getting a college admission by cheating.

Michelle was born on October 23 in the year 1967. She is a 49 years old lady. Michelle Janavs is the daughter of an American businessman Paul Merage who is a co-founder of Chef America Inc. Michelle also has a sibling David Merage. Michelle Janavs is a well-known personality in America and has also indulged in controversy.

Michelle Janavs’ Net Worth & Current Family

Michelle Janavs is a citizen of the United States of America and belongs to a very renowned business family. Michelle Janavs tied the knot with Paul Janavs, who works for food and beverage research and development consulting. Paul Janavs is also a founder of REV’D PROVISION Co. and YES FOODS, LLC and the couple is blessed with two daughters.

According to reports in the year 2002, her family sold the company Chef America to Nestle NESN for more than $2.0 billion. Michelle Janavs also is known for her charity work and volunteer work to boost disadvantaged children.

In 2011, Michelle’s father’s total earnings were estimated at $1.0-2.0 billion while Michelle Janavs’ net worth is approximately $4.0 billion. Michelle Janavs’ family background and her own net worth clearly define her living style and status.

Michelle Janavs’ Name Involved in College Admission Scandal

Michelle Janavs is accused of giving money as a bribe to get admission into the University of Southern California for her daughter. Michelle allegedly paid $100,000 to doctor her daughter’s ACT exam result.

According to the affidavit, Michelle Janavs’ younger daughter was not aware where as her elder daughter was completely informed of the entire scam. Is Michelle Janavs’ daughter enrolled by a University of Southern California or what was Michelle’s plan is still unspecified?

Michelle Janavs is not alone in this unfair admission practice but many famous citizens of America are involved in this scandal. Michelle Janavs was arrested and spent five months in prison. Prosecutors had to examine a 21-month penalty for Michelle Janavs in the college admissions scandal for acknowledging to pay $300,000 to mislead the college admissions procedure for her daughters in a federal bribery scheme.

Michelle Janavs’ Comments on College Admission Scam

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Michelle Janavs was arrested before her daughter formally joined the team, according to prosecutors. There were at least 24 prominent parents who had pleaded guilty in the admission scam. We do agree that every parent wants their children to grow to get success in their careers but doing unfair things to will not help their children in the long run. They should instead motivate them and encourage them to prosper by following all the rules.

Michelle Janavs’ Wiki & Net Worth: Microwave Snack Hot Pocket’s Heiress
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Michelle Janavs’ Wiki & Net Worth: Microwave Snack Hot Pocket’s Heiress
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Michelle Janavs is the heiress of the Hot Pocket Microwave Snack. Recently she got arrested for giving a bribe for her daughter’s admission into university. She was investigated and proved guilty by law.
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