Backstreet Boys Shine the Spotlight on Selfless Nurses Everywhere
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There have been a million boy bands in recent years and now people seem to have turned the other way. However when this phenomenon started one of the brightest shining boy bands of all time was the Backstreet Boys. They were among the first of many boy bands who made teenage girls as well as their mothers scream and shriek and tear their clothes in frenzy. This is the band that gave millions of girls sweet dreams at night and made them fill their rooms with the band’s posters and photos.

A String of Catchy Hits

It wasn’t all for nothing. Truth be told the band Backstreet Boys gave us catchy pop tunes like “Anywhere for You,” “Quit Playing Games [with My Heart],” “As Long As You Love Me,” “I Want It That Way,” “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely,” “Shape of My Heart” and “Just Want You to Know.” They have shifted over 100 million albums which puts them right up along with other artists who have achieved this milestone. So the truth is that they were not your average boy band but really good singers. Now they are still recording and releasing their albums though they are not boys anymore but fully grown men.

Its National Nurses Day

However, the generation of teenagers who grew up listening to their songs is an adult now and has a soft spot for the band. The band is conscious of the hard work that nurses are putting in during this dreaded COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping across America and many other parts of the world. May 6, 2020, is National Nurses Day and the band has paid tribute to all the nurses who are fighting from the frontlines and saving people from this dangerous outbreak.

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Showing Gratitude to Nurses Everywhere

The band members are thanking the nurses for all the hard work they have put in and imploring them to stay safe and be careful even as they fight hard to save people from COVID-19 infection. They have put out this message on their Instagram account and there are a few photos of the band with some nurses who happen to be their fans as well.

Nurses are Doing a Fantastic Job!

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys have shown the world with this gesture that they have grown up in the 24 odd years that they have been around entertaining millions of their fans all around the world. They have acknowledged these selfless nurses who are putting their lives in extreme danger while trying to save the others from harm. Backstreet Boys is a big brand name and any cause they associate themselves with is bound to get people’s attention. Doing it for the nurses on the occasion of National Nurses Day is a perfect way to show gratitude to these brave and fearless nurses who make others pain their own. Three cheers for all the nurses in the world and the Backstreet Boys!

Backstreet Boys Shine the Spotlight on Selfless Nurses Everywhere
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Backstreet Boys Shine the Spotlight on Selfless Nurses Everywhere
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Backstreet Boys are the biggest selling boy band ever and now they are using their massive popularity to bring attention to the huge number of selfless nurses who are fighting the deadly COVID-19 pandemic from the frontlines. The band is tipping their hats in gratitude for the work the nurses are doing.
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