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It is believed that nobody can return from hell but there is a man who has done just that. His name is Eduardo Valseca and he was in hell for seven months suffering the most excruciating torture before he was allowed to come back home to his wife and children. Who is Eduardo Valseca? Valseca is a Mexican man who was kidnapped by a gang who kept him in captivity for seven months and tortured him relentlessly before a ransom was paid on his behalf and he was finally set free. He lived to tell the tale and it is a real-life story that mesmerizes everyone who has heard it. Here are some details from Eduardo Valseca’s wiki.

Attacked & Kidnapped!

In 2007 Eduardo and his wife Jayne Valseca were in a car driving down the street from their posh San Miguel de Allende home in Mexico when two unknown cars boxed them aside and made them stop. The couple was returning after dropping their three kids from school when they were waylaid by strangers who were carrying hammers, clubs, and guns. They started pounding Valseca’s car windows and forced the couple to get out. Then they blindfolded the couple and tied them and put them in another vehicle and drove away fast before anybody could do anything. The kidnappers took them away and finally left Jayne in the vehicle alone after driving for a while.

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A Ransom is Demanded

When Jayne opened her blindfold she discovered that she was near a highway but the armed men had kidnapped Eduardo and taken him away in another vehicle. She went to the police and complained though she feared that they could be hand-in-glove with criminals, which is a common occurrence in crime-filled Mexico. Eduardo was being tortured by putting him in a cage, denying him proper food and clean water, and playing loud music to disorient him and confuse him. Valseca lost a huge amount of weight during the next seven months even as Jayne negotiated with the kidnappers who demanded a ransom of $8.0 million to free him.

Valseca Comes Home

After months of negotiation, the kidnappers agreed to take an undisclosed amount as ransom and free Valseca. The money was paid by two men on behalf of Jayne and Valseca came home the next day. His kidnappers dropped him at a cemetery allowing him to walk for the first time since he had been kidnapped. Jayne and their three children Emiliano, Nayah, and Fernando were reunited when Valseca came home and the horrific ordeal of the family was over for the time being. The kidnappers were caught later and found to be hardened kidnappers. Valseca and his family moved to Maryland, USA, and began a quiet life still suffering nightmares from the horrific time he spent in captivity.

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The Valseca Family Trauma is Relived

On Dateline, a program shown on NBC, the story of Eduardo Valseca and Jayne Valseca was shown which captured the details of the kidnapping and the pain that the entire Valseca family went through. Their now grown-up children spoke about the harrowing time they went through as children when their father was being brutalized in captivity. Unfortunately, Jayne wasn’t there with the family because she had succumbed to cancer in 2012. She had believed that the kidnapping trauma had worsened her cancer and was responsible for her eventual death.

Where is Eduardo Valseca Today?

Today Valseca is alive and in the USA along with his three children. He misses his wife who moved heaven and hell to get him freed and ultimately paid a fatal price for her efforts. Valseca, a businessman, believes that he was kidnapped because the kidnappers thought he was a very rich man as his father owned a newspaper. However, the couple had nowhere as much money as the kidnappers believed and struggled to raise the money to pay off his captors. Valseca is just glad that he was able to come back alive and be reunited with his dear wife and children.

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Eduardo Valseca’s Wiki: Where is Eduardo Valseca Today?
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Eduardo Valseca was living a happy life with his family in Mexico until the day he was kidnapped from near his home by a group of unidentified men. He spent seven months in captivity even as his kidnappers demanded $8.0 million from his family as ransom. It changed his whole life and haunts him even now.
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