HR 6666 Bill Explained

The whole world including America is fixated on the COVID-19 pandemic and with good reason too. After all, thousands have died all over the world and the number of affected people is also steadily rising. America got affected later as compared to European countries like Spain and Italy but now has beaten the number of fatalities in any other country especially the undisputed country of origin China. Now everybody in America is talking about the HR 6666 Act but a lot of people do not know what it is. They want HR 6666 explained to them.

What is the HR 6666 Bill?

It is a bill introduced in the House of Representatives in America on May 1, 2020, to make it an Act enforceable by law. HR 6666 states

“To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.” It is also being called in short form the “COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone [TRACE] Act.”

Introduction of Bill is a Fact

what is hr6666 bill

This house bill has been introduced in Congress and it has made everybody think and ponder about it. Some people are asking is HR 6666 fake or real? The bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives and has been documented so there is no doubt that this is real. The proceedings of the House are open to the public so if anybody in America has any doubt about the genuineness of this bill they can look it up themselves in the House records. What are also real are the reactions to the bill and that it has generated a lot of controversies. COVID-19 has become an emotional issue in America and the rest of the world because of the health and economic devastation that it has caused.

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$100 Billion is at Stake

Congressman Bobby Rush introduced the TRACE Bill on May 1, 2020, which pledges to give $100.0 billion for COVID-19 testing and contact tracing to any legitimate organization utilizing mobile health units. According to this bill, the Secretary of Health and Human Services has the power to allocate grants for mobile health units who teat and quarantine individuals affected by the pandemic and also for the training, hiring, and personal protection equipment. Broadly speaking this means that federally qualified health centers, disproportionate share hospitals, school-based health clinics, non-profit organizations, academic medical centers, high schools, institutions of higher education, and other eligible organizations can receive this money in the form of grants.

Critics Have Voiced Privacy Concerns

Critics of this proposed bill have raised concerns about privacy due and have expressed their opinions on social media and this has made this bill controversial. Some Republicans have said that they will introduce a privacy bill to address their concerns about private companies like Google and Apple introducing apps that can enable people who contract COVID-19 to notify the individuals they have come in contact with. They believe that too much power is being concentrated in these large multi-billion dollar private companies and that this is not a healthy trend. They believe that the privacy of individuals will be at stake if these kinds of apps are allowed to be used by common citizens even though it has already happened. People are using these apps already.

Citizens’ Safety is Top Priority

hr 6666 fake or real

In the end, what matters is that people should be protected and kept safe from this raging COVID-19 pandemic that is practically destroying America and putting water on all the hard work that has been done in the last few years to get the economy going once again. America is the nerve center of business and finance in the world and a good, strong, and robust America is to everybody’s benefit enemies withstanding. The last word on the TRACE Bill has not been spoken yet!

“HR 6666” Bill Explained: The Titanic Fight Against COVID-19 Rages On!
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“HR 6666” Bill Explained: The Titanic Fight Against COVID-19 Rages On!
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Congressman Bobby Rush introduced the TRACE Bill in the House of Representatives on May 1, 2020, and since then it has polarized people who are in favor and not in favor of this proposed bill. It is another attempt by the government of America to add more resources in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
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