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Good lawyers have the responsibility to mediate in troubled matters and try to resolve issues. That’s precisely why the Supreme Court has asked Sanjay Hegde, a lawyer, to talk to the protesters at Shaheen Bagh and try to convince them to shift their protest site from there to another place. So who is this advocate Sanjay Hegde who has been trusted with such a sensitive task that many people would prefer to stay away from. People are getting curious and want to know more about Hegde. Here are some details from Sanjay Hegde’s wiki.

Moving Back & Forth

Sanjay Hegde’s age is 54 years and he has always been a bit mature than other people his age right from his childhood days. Hegde was born in Manipal, Karnataka, and studied there till class I before moving to Mumbai, Maharashtra, to continue his further studies. His father was a lawyer there and so the entire family shifted base to live with him in Mumbai. After finishing class X he moved back to Manipal and stayed there for five years to complete his high schooling and then his B.Com degree.

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Hegde once spoke to The Times of India about this phase of his life and said:

“We had purchased a house at Doddanagudde, Manipal, hence father sent me to do my under graduation and graduation. His mother was an English lecturer at KREC [now NIT-K Surathkal].”

Like a predictable yo-yo he went back to Mumbai to study law. He enrolled at Kishinchand Chellaram Law College in Churchgate, Mumbai, and studied law with dreams of becoming a successful lawyer just like his father.

A Passion for Serving India

Like most patriotic Indians he had a desire to serve his country and gave his UPSC exams only to qualify for a non-IAS service. After doing his LLM, he started working at the Supreme Court under the then attorney general G. Ramaswamy. Hegde has always acknowledged Ramaswamy as his guru and has said that he learned a lot from him and owes him his career. During this time Hegde worked on many high profile cases like appearing for the Government of India in front of an international arbitral tribunal.

A Jolly Good Sense of Humor

He served his home state of Karnataka for almost 10 years by being the Advocate on Record and then jumped into a successful private practice. Hegde has a way with words and has written columns for several newspapers and has also appeared on television panels. He once described himself as:

“a history buff with a sense of humor & rumor. Militant secularist. Good food, good friends & good times make my day.”

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Fighting for Civil Rights

These days Hegde does a lot of pro bono work for civil rights often going against popular opinion. Hegde believes that a democracy cannot exist without dissent. His teachers who taught him in college recall Hegde as being a brilliant boy who was not happy doing his B.Com. He was more interested in quizzing and public speaking. It was only after he started studying law that he came into his own. He knew he was born to be a lawyer and gave it all his passion and became the excellent lawyer he is considered to be today.

Life Comes Full Circle

Today Hegde is in a position that nobody will envy. He has to mediate with the protesters at Shaheen Bagh and convince them to shift their protests somewhere else. He will have to use all his knowledge and famous talking abilities to complete this difficult task successfully. The Supreme Court is looking at him anxiously and hopes he can resolve this dispute which is turning bad by the day. Maybe the boy from Manipal who was once an unsatisfied student himself will solve this problem!

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Sanjay Hegde’s Wiki: Supreme Court’s Point Man at Shaheen Bagh!
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Seeing that the protest at Shaheen Bagh is getting more volatile by the day the Supreme Court has appointed famous lawyer Sanjay Hegde to mediate with the protesters. Hegde is a brilliant public speaker and passionate about civil rights being held up. If anyone can solve this messy problem it is Sanjay Hegde.
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