What Happened to Kortne Stouffer
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It’s the kind of crime that haunts you for long after you have heard or read about it. The strange disappearance of then 21-year old Kortne Stouffer is one of such cases that continues to trouble everybody associated in whatever capacity. Kortne Stouffer disappeared from her apartment where she was last seen on Saturday, July 28, 2012, and now it’s more than seven years since she has gone missing. The case is still open even as Stouffer’s parents keep up their unrelenting struggle to find out what happened to their precious daughter who was so full of life. The police too is working hard on trying to find out what actually happened to Stouffer who appears to have gone off the face of the earth. People who have been following the Kortne Stouffer case are asking questions like what happened to Kortne Stouffer? and is Kortne Stouffer dead? Here are the facts of the case as we know.

One Hell of a Night

On July 28, 2012, Stouffer had an off from work and had gone out to some bars with her friends. They had a good time and then Stouffer and some of her friends returned to her apartment. At 3:30 am on July 29, 2012, police at the Lebanon County responded to a telephone complaint from Stouffer’s apartment and arrived there. There had been a conflict between Stouffer and the neighbors. Later after an hour again there was a call from Stouffer’s residence which police responded to. According to Stouffer’s father Scott the police:

“Told everyone to go back into their own houses and go to sleep.”

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Mother Finds Apartment Empty

It is believed that that’s what Stouffer did and everything went quiet. One of Stouffer’s friends later said that he woke up at around 7:15 am that morning on July 29 but Stouffer was not there. He reportedly called for her but on getting no reply he left for work. Stouffer’s mother Wendy went to the apartment on Monday morning but Stouffer wasn’t there. She found the door unlocked and her dog at the door. Stouffer’s shoes were there, her keys were there, her phone was plugged in next to the bed, the AC was on, the TV was on but there was no Kortne.

Several People were Questioned

The authorities started questioning everyone who had last seen Stouffer including Cody Pruett. Pruett had dropped some people at their homes and then he and Stouffer went to her apartment at Palmyra. Pruett was among the few people who had seen Stouffer alive before she went missing.

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Stouffer was a “Free Spirit”

That was more than seven years ago but till date Stouffer has not been alive. So is Kortne Stouffer dead? It has not been proved but according to the police when a person has been missing for so long there is definitely a chance of foul play being involved. People don’t just disappear of the face of the death especially Stouffer who was full of life and had several passions that always kept her in high spirits. People who knew Stouffer called her a “free spirit.” Her father had told the media at that time:

“She had so many dreams. Kortne was a typical 21-year-old at that point in time – she was trying to figure out what she wanted to be and what direction she wanted to take in life.”

Where Could She Be Now?

Its 2020 now and Stouffer are still missing but her family and the authorities are still searching for her. Stouffer’s family even hired a private investigator hoping that people who were wary of the police could talk to him. People talked but Stouffer was never found and now it’s 2020. Stouffer’s family is still offering a $100,000 reward to anybody who has any information about her which could lead them to Stouffer wherever she is. It’s terrible when you loved one is missing and you don’t get any clue as to where he or she is. Stouffer’s family wants closure but it is eluding them. As is the answer to the terrifying question – What happened to the 21-year old Kortne Stouffer?

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What Happened to Kortne Stouffer? Is Kortne Stouffer Dead?
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What Happened to Kortne Stouffer? Is Kortne Stouffer Dead?
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21-year old Kortne Stouffer went missing from her apartment in Palmyra, Pennsylvania, over seven years ago and has not been found till this date. Her family and the police authorities have been searching for her since that fateful night in July 2012 but to no avail.
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