Are George and Kellyanne Conway Still Married
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While everybody in America has heard and known of Kellyanne Conway few know much about her husband George T. Conway III. All that changed majorly at around 1:00 am Tuesday, May 5, 2020, when President Donald Trump lost his cool and burst out at George through his ubiquitous Twitter tweet. Even though Trump has openly indicated his dislike for Kellyanne’s husband several times before it was on Tuesday morning that he gave full vent to his rage. Trump wrote,

“I don’t know what Kellyanne did to her deranged loser of a husband, Moonface but it must have been really bad.”

Yes! They are Married!

So why is Trump angry at Kellyanne’s husband? Before that, the question is: Are George and Kellyanne Conway still married?

The answer is yes, Kellyanne is still married to George Conway and they have four children of their own. Kellyanne married George in 2001 and the couple has four children namely Claudia Conway, Vanessa Conway, Charlotte Conway, and George Conway. George Conway, the father, is a prominent attorney and has been a thorn in Trump’s backside for quite a while now.

An Ongoing War of Words

Conway who has been a contributing columnist to the opinion section of The Washington Post has been criticizing Trump from the onset of his presidency calling him mentally impaired and unfit for office among other nasty things. Trump has consistently hit back calling Conway a “stone-cold LOSER” and ”husband from hell” and said that he was just jealous of his wife’s success. So what got Trump so angry that he tweeted these harsh comments about Conway on Tuesday, May 5?

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Crossing the Line

Earlier Conway had co-founded an organization called the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump super PAC, along with other current and former Republicans, and had been making negative comments about Trump’s presidency. On Monday, May 4, a video sponsored by the Lincoln Project was released to the public which laid the total responsibility of the raging COVID-19 pandemic in America squarely on Trump’s shoulders. It held Trump responsible for all the deaths of thousands of Americans and also for the economic loss that has taken place in America.

A Dystopian Vision of America

The video is titled “Mourning in America” and is inspired by the classic 1984 campaign ad titled “Morning in America” created for the re-election campaign of then-President Ronald Reagan. “Mourning in America” shows a horrible future for America, teeming with dilapidated houses, a worried man holding his head in his hands, crowds of Americans wearing masks, and glimpses from a Trump speech. It gives a looming, dark, devastating, and dystopian view of America in the near future and says these words –

“There’s mourning in America. And under the leadership of Donald Trump, our country is weaker, sicker, and poorer. And now, Americans are asking, ‘If we have another four years like this, will there even be an America?'”

Wars in Twitter-land

The video showcases Conway’s political views and says that tens of thousands of Americans have died of the “deadly virus Trump ignored.” It is the strongest attack by Conway yet and no wonder it made Trump reply with the strongest jibe at Conway yet. After Trump’s tweet, Conway hit back by tweeting on behalf of the Lincoln Project that

“Since you are awake and trolling the Internet here is a little bedtime story just for you”

and attached the “Mourning in America” video to the tweet.

Nobody is Willing to Back Off

This fight between President Trump and George Conway is only going to get tougher and bitter and both are men who don’t want to back off. Trump is getting attacked from everywhere but this blow from members of his very own party must hurt badly. Not that Conway is feeling bad about it. Let’s see who hurls the next salvo at the other in this entertaining war of words!

Are George and Kellyanne Conway Still Married? Hell Hath No Fury as a President Angered!
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Are George and Kellyanne Conway Still Married? Hell Hath No Fury as a President Angered!
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George Conway is married to Kellyanne Conway, a close political aide of President Trump, and always trying to criticize the president through his words and political actions. Now Conway has done something to anger Trump as the president lashed out at Conway via his Twitter tweet.
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