New Delhi is a big and busy city where most people lead a fast, hurried and hectic life. Call this the understatement of the year! Being the center of politics, business and education in India life is not easy in the nation’s capital. Everybody is on the move and trying to make it big! Nobody has time to even sweat and there are no points for second place. However the smart people know that it is absolutely essential to take a break from all this stress and spend some time to unwind.

Welcome to “Little Lhasa”

That is why you should definitely pack up and go to McLeodganj with your family to enjoy a fabulous weekend and holiday. It is around 485 km from Delhi and easily accessible by road and rail. You are sure to ask where is this supposed cool place that offers a welcome respite from the hard life in Delhi. McLeodganj is a suburb of Dharamshala in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh, India, and popularly known as “Little Lhasa” or even “Dhasa.” This is because it is home to a large population of Tibetans and the place where the Tibetan government-in-exile is headquartered.

McLeodganj Dharmshala

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The British Connection!

Why have an English name like McLeodganj right in the heart of India? Credit that to the English Raj over India! McLeodganj is situated at an elevation of around 2,082 meters and is positioned on the Dhauladhar Range.

Oh! The Places You Will See!

Church St. John in the Wilderness, Dal Lake, Bhagsu Nath and Bhagsu Falls, a waterfall. If you happen to be in McLeodganj at the right time you can also catch the Dharamshala International Film Festival [DIFF] which is held annually.

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For the religious minded there is the Bhagsunath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is a big attraction for tourists and Hindus who come to McLeodganj. There is also a comfortable eating place called Shiva Café where you can have tea, coffee and light snacks. There is also an annual fair held near the Dal Lake which you can attend if you happen to be there at the right time of the year.

Rejuvenate Yourself!

The population of McLeodganj is barely 12,000 and most of the people who you will meet will be tourists so you can have a relaxed time away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi. Enjoy the cool climate, hills, water bodies and fresh air even as your body and mind rejuvenates in McLeodganj.

Cool McLeodganj Tourism

Don’t Even Think Twice!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t put off giving your mind and body a break and just pack your bags and go to McLeodganj this very weekend! You will have a great time and enjoy nature and bring back the vitality that has been slowly but steadily sapped by the rigours of the big city. So if you are itching to go to a place more beautiful and less crowded make sure it is McLeodganj!

Beat the Stress by Going from Delhi to Cool McLeodganj!
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Beat the Stress by Going from Delhi to Cool McLeodganj!
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There are several places close enough to Delhi which offer a cool climate and freedom to laze around over the weekend. One such place is McLeodganj that is just 485 km away from Delhi and is accessible by road and rail. Go there at the earliest and give yourself a cool vacation.
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