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The Coronavirus pandemic has spread all over the world and one of its epicenters is the global city of New York in the United States of America. Considering how densely populated this megacity is it’s giving health officials nightmares about how widely this mutating virus can spread in the city. Nobody is having more sleepless nights thinking about this than Dr. Oxiris Barbot, the Commissioner of Health of New York City. She was appointed to this high post in December 2018 and is at the center of the crisis. Her name is appearing in the media because some people have expressed anger at her for what they believe is her ineptness at handling the situation. Here are a few details from Dr. Oxiris Barbot’s wiki.

Dr. Oxiris Barbot’s Biography

Barbot has had a steady climb to the top since starting as a doctor more than 25 years ago. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Yale University before obtaining a medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She then underwent her pediatric residency at George Washington University’s Children’s National Medical Center. She then held several responsible posts such as Chief of Pediatrics and Community Medicine at Unity Health Care Inc., a federally qualified health center in Washington DC and Medical Director of New York City’s public schools.

A Sterling Career

She was appointed the Commissioner of Health for the city of Baltimore city in 2010. She reduced the rate of infant death in the city along with other achievements like improving the health of Baltimore citizens with her robust health policies. So it was with this high level of credibility that she came to New York City to serve the health needs of the city’s citizens who come from all over the world. Over the years Dr. Barbot has earned respect from her community and the people of NYC as a zealous and innovative public health leader.

At the Center of Controversy

oxiris barbot biography
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So it is a bit of a surprise that several community leaders and politicians are pointing fingers at Dr. Barbot and accusing her of taking the Coronavirus pandemic lightly and not making enough preparations for fighting the infection that has already claimed the lives of thousands in the Big Apple. However, the administration is rallying behind her and has made several public announcements that they are very satisfied with her performance at the city’s Health Commissioner so far. Now that her name is being bandied about in the national media people are getting more curious about the woman who had initially warned the citizens to be careful but assured them that they were not in any great danger. The number of infected and the number of dying people, of course, has made a mockery of her assurances.

Haunted by Her Past

One big reason why Dr. Barbot cares about people so much is that she is haunted by her father’s suicide. When she was just nine years old her father committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun. Barbot has said that mental health was a taboo subject in those days and had her father received the proper treatment he might be alive and healthy even today. Many people are curious about Dr. Barbot’s personal life and her nationality. According to sources she is from Latin America which is why she is so sensitive to the needs of immigrants in New York City. It is not known if she is married and has a husband or not. Dr. Barbot is known to be tight-lipped about her personal life.

Fighting a Grim Battle

The average salary of a Health Commissioner in America is $62,000 annually but Dr. Barbot isn’t about the money. She has a passion for helping people in matters of health and that’s why people are looking up to her in these dangerous and frightening times. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to take lives in New York City Dr. Barbot is fighting a valiant battle against the disease. She needs to be supported and listened to if the citizens of the city want to survive this horrific illness that is sweeping over their city. The good doctor is fighting her war on Coronavirus and inspiring people in the city and the country.

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Dr. Oxiris Barbot’s Wiki: The Good Doctor of Latina Nationality is Fighting for NYC!
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Dr. Oxiris Barbot’s Wiki: The Good Doctor of Latina Nationality is Fighting for NYC!
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The Health Commissioner of New York City is under fire over her handling of the Coronavirus pandemic that has killed hundreds of people in the Big Apple. Dr. Oxiris is fighting to save her city’s citizens from the deadly outbreak even as she faces the biggest and toughest challenge of her medical career.
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