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The brutal murder of Travis Victor Alexander on June 4, 2008, in his house in Mesa, Arizona, is one of the most infamous and talked about murder case in recent times in America. Who was Travis Victor Alexander? He was an American salesman who was murdered by his ex-girlfriend named Jodi Ann Arias who was subsequently nabbed by the police. With the American public’s fascination with real-life crimes it is no surprise that many people want to know where Jodi Arias is now. They want to know what happened to Jodi Arias. Here are a few details from Jodi Arias’ wiki.

Who is Jodi Arias?

Jodi Arias is an American woman who was born on July 9, 1980, in Salinas, California, to her parents William Arias and Sandra Arias. Her father William Arias is of Mexican ancestry while her mother Sandra Arias is of German and English ancestry. People are asking where is Jodi Arias today. Arias is currently incarcerated at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Perryville, Arizona. She is serving a criminal penalty of life imprisonment without parole after being convicted for First-degree murder. The victim was her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander with whom she had a complicated and often twisted relationship.

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A Most Horrific Murder

Arias’ age is 39 years and she will be serving her sentence of life imprisonment without parole as she has committed a horrific crime that is still being talked about. Her motive for killing Alexander was listed as jealousy. The weapons she used were a gun and a knife as Alexander sustained 27-29 stab wounds, his throat was slit and there was a gunshot wound to his head.

Is Jodi Arias in Prison?

Yes! She is in prison today and will likely be there till her eventual death. Her punishment is so harsh because of the absolute brutality with which she murdered her ex-boyfriend Alexander without any mercy. The case received widespread publicity in the media and was talked about for a long time. Arias and Alexander were in a long-distance relationship and met on and off during the period they were together as a couple.

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A Twisted & Dark Relationship

Arias changed her account several times thus reducing her credibility in front of the jury and judge. It was only almost two years after her arrest when Arias claimed that she had killed Alexander in self-defense. She claimed that Alexander had repeatedly hurt her and given her pain while having unnatural sex with her during their relationship. Arias claimed that she was victim of domestic violence.

Appeals were in Vain

However, an investigation of Alexander’s behavior with his earlier girlfriends revealed that there was never any violent behavior by him during the time they knew him. Later some of his friends told the police that they had warned Alexander that his girlfriend Jodi Arias was dangerous before she killed him. Arias’ lawyers made several appeals to the court that her sentence was too harsh and that she should be punished with a lighter sentence. However, the courts rejected the appeals and Arias received the sentence of life imprisonment without parole.

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Crime & Punishment

As of 2020 Jodi Arias is still in prison and it looks likely that her sentence will not be changed. Of late there has been some interest in Arias’ case as she is the subject of a recent documentary made on her crime and life. The media too has shown renewed interest in her case. Still it is very unlikely that Arias will get any relief in her punishment and looks like she will complete her sentence no matter what. Jodi Arias is another case of crime and punishment which tells everybody that in the long run no crime goes unpunished. It’s the way life is!

Jodi Arias’ Wiki: Where is Jodi Arias Now? Is She in Prison?
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Jodi Arias’ Wiki: Where is Jodi Arias Now? Is She in Prison?
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