Kamya Punjabi

Recently there has been trending news about Kamya Punjabi who has married for the second time. She married a businessman named Shalabh Dang on February 10, 2020. Her first marriage was a big setback for her.

Previously she got married in the year 2003 to Bunty Negi who was also a businessman. Bunty Negi came into the limelight due to his talented ex-wife Kamya Punjabi who is a television star. She got famous due to her negative roles. She also came in small roles in some Bollywood movies.

Right now, she is working in a daily soap named Shakti Astitva ke Ehssas Ki. Kamya Punjabi is a beautiful lady and her ex-husband Bunty Negi is also a handsome and successful person. They always used to look like a perfect match. They enjoyed their married life for three years.

In 2006, Kamya and Bunty Negi started facing problems in their relationship, which led them to file for a divorce.

In 2013 after trying to make things better, the couple finally gave up on their marriage and got a divorce.

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Bunty Negi’s Fatal Accident

Kamya Punjabi’s first marriage was not anything less than a rollercoaster ride. Bunty Negi had a major accident on January 24, 2013. Bunty Negi was at his friend’s house which was under construction at that time. He was chit-chatting with his friends and unfortunately, he slipped and fell from the fifth floor.

Immediate action was taken and he was rushed to Hinduja Hospital. Kamya Punjabi went through severe emotional trauma during this time.

In an interview in 2013 when asked about her husband’s accident she said there were very few people who were there with her during her difficult time. The experience turned her into a stronger person.

Kamya was scared of how their daughter would react to this accident but her daughter proved that she was a brave girl of a brave mother. Bunty recovered after a few months of medication and right now he is absolutely fine.

Bunty Negi’s Daughter, Aara

bunty negi daughter
Photo: Instagram/panjabikamya

Aara is Kamya Punjabi and Bunty Negi’s daughter. She was born in 2009 and brought up in Mumbai. She was only four years old when her parents got separated. After their divorce, she has been living with her mother Kamya Punjabi.

According to reports, her daughter is extremely happy for her mother’s new life with Shalabh Dang.

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On social media, Kamya shared that she had given her daughter enough time to figure this out about her second marriage and now her daughter is comfortable and ready to accept Shalabh into her family.

The Reason behind Bunty Negi & Kamya Punjabi’s Divorce

Kamya Punjabi was in a huge controversy because her husband Bunty Negi accused her of cheating on him with her co-star of Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Nimai Bali. Kamya totally denies this allegation and according to her the reason for their divorce was lack of compatibility between them.

No matter what actually happened we are happy for Kamya Punjabi and wish her all the best for a happy new married life.

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