Who is Buck Thomas
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This is what PreMadonna has to say about her husband Buck Thomas:

“I have the [world’s] greatest husband/father! He’s God-fearing, kind, selfless, attentive, romantic, handsome, compassionate, supportive, wealthy, wise, intelligent, chill, loyal…His energy is truly unmatched.”

Hearing all these superlatives about one man you must be wondering who on earth Buck Thomas is? Buck Thomas married PreMadonna in August 2016 and since then their marriage has survived the paparazzi, tabloid press, and all the temptations that a glamorous couple encounter in America’s entertainment industry. PreMadonna’s husband Buck Thomas’ real name is Tavares Thomas even though everybody calls him Buck Thomas.

Baby Daughter Brings Joy

While PreMadonna has two children from her previous relationships she and Thomas made a love baby together after their marriage. PreMadonna gave birth to a baby daughter on April 14, 2019, and Thomas was the happiest man in the world on hearing this fantastic news. Guess what they named her? They named her Tavarea, somewhat similar to Buck Thomas’ real name. So dearest daddy gave his name to his tiny little daughter and has been a doting father since that day.

He Keeps a Low Profile

PreMadonna has garnered fame after appearing in the reality TV series Love & Hip Hop: Miami even though audiences had seen a little bit of her in the previous show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season 4 in 2016. Buck Thomas too has had a bit of fame by appearing in the show Marriage Boot Camp but he continued to stay in Atlanta while his wife shuttles between Georgia and Florida for work. People who have seen the closeness between Thomas and his celebrity wife will not believe that when they met for the first time sparks did not fly. That’s right!

Dislike at First Sight!

In fact, when they first met they didn’t even like each other. PreMadonna has said”

“His first words to me were: ‘You so wild. You need to calm down.’”

It was obvious to PreMadonna soon that Thomas was a loving man with a really big heart. So when she married him in August 2016 Thomas became step-father to her two sons Andrew and Antonio. The best part is that they are now a family and the kids really look up to him.

premadonna husband buck thomas
Photo: Instagram/theshaderoom

PreMadonna has great respect for Thomas because despite her being the more successful and famous of the two Thomas is not at all intimidated by her. She once told a magazine

“Coming into a relationship as an independent woman is very, very hard. It’s hard to find a man as equally yoked as you mentally. The side that you guys see in me now, this more mature side, [Buck] played a big part in me becoming this.”

Thomas is an Entrepreneur

People often wonder what Buck Thomas’ job is. Actually Thomas is an entrepreneur and has his own income independent of the moolah that his famous wife makes. They have done things together as well like the time they both opened their new restaurant in Atlanta. Prior to all this Thomas used to be in the music business. He used to manage the rapper Gorilla Zoe, a former member of the famous rap group Boyz N Da Hood.

The Happiest Man in Atlanta!

So Thomas is the man who gave PreMadonna the two things that she wanted more than anything in her life. He gave her the respect of a wife and became a father to her two children. When their daughter was born the family was complete. Today Buck Thomas is the happiest man in Atlanta achieving success in both his professional and personal life. A loving husband, a model father and a successful entrepreneur – That’s Buck Thomas for you!

Who is Buck Thomas? Facts about PreMadonna's Husband
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Who is Buck Thomas? Facts about PreMadonna's Husband
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