What Happened to Forrest Fanning
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He was the best friend that reptiles could ever have. He loved them and never shrank back from them even though most of these cold-blooded creatures were dangerous to him and all humans. We are talking about Forrest Fanning, a lover, and conservator of reptiles who dedicated his life to the study and protection of reptiles. After news about his illness broke people were unsure what had happened to him and were concerned about his health. His fans and supporters were asking questions like “What happened to Forrest Fanning?” and after the news of his death came they were asking “How did Forrest Fanning die?”

Forrest Fanning’s Cause of Death

His family released a statement after Forrest Fanning died on March 1, 2020, at the young age of 34 years. The publication The Reptile Report released the news of his death and gave some details of his passing away and when his memorial service would be held. According to reports, Forrest Fanning died unexpectedly after a long bout of illness on March 1, 2020, at his home. He is survived by his wife Desiree Monnot and his 11-month old son Lars Fanning. Fanning was from the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, and was the vice president of DragonWood Conservatory and the co-founder of The Abronia Alliance.

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A Giant Lover of Reptiles

Born on June 6, 1985, Fanning was the son of Forrest D. Fanning and Andrea Stensland. He was raised in Rapid City, South Dakota, and was one of five children born to his parents.  He grew up with a love for animals especially reptiles and after growing up he turned his passion for them into a meaningful career. His wife Desiree did not think of him as strange like others because she too was fascinated by reptiles and supported Fanning in all his efforts gallantly. Fanning received full support from his wife and he and Desiree founded and ran Reptek and Cold Blooded Café. Through his organization, Reptek Fanning collected and bred rare, endangered and unknown species for “hobbyists.” He did not make money from these activities as he refused to sell them to anyone. He only shared them with other people who had an all-consuming love for reptiles as he had. His self-confessed ambition was to be a serious and dedicated keeper who worked in the animal husbandry for these reptiles and find good homes for them.

Spreading Knowledge in the Community

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Photo: Instagram/zoodreams

He spread deep knowledge about these often feared reptiles and brought people closer to them so that they could also appreciate the diversity and usefulness of these reptiles that are a critical part of our earth’s ecosystem. He educated people about the need to protect and conserve reptiles as they were gifts of nature who performed a valuable and indispensable service for us by being an active part of the food chain. Fanning thought of Reptek as an “invisible ark” in captivity where reptiles found a safe and healthy home.

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Will be Missed by Everyone

After Fanning’s unexpected death his obituaries were published in several magazines, publications, and websites. Some of them are The Reptile Report, Facebook, United States Obituary Notices and everhere.com. His memorial service was held on Saturday, March 14, 2020, at Tinley Park. Illinois and was attended by his family, relatives, friends, co-workers, colleagues, fans and admirers. It was a sad day for Indiana as one of their most famous and dedicated sons passed away after a long illness.

His Dream will Become a Reality!

While Desiree and Fanning’s friends and colleagues are still grieving over the death of Fanning they are also making a resolve to fulfill his wish of building a zoo for his reptile friends. Fanning had said several times to others that his dream was to build a zoo for these reptiles that occupied a special place in his heart. A lot of funds are required if a zoo is to be built but Fanning’s passion is a source of inspiration to everyone and undoubtedly they will turn Fanning’s long-held dream into a reality. The reptiles still have some good friends in America!

What Happened to Forrest Fanning? How did Forrest Tyler Fanning Die?
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What Happened to Forrest Fanning? How did Forrest Tyler Fanning Die?
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Forrest Fanning dedicated his life to the care and protection of reptiles in America and was raising money to give them a safe and cozy place to live and breed. His death due to a long illness has taken away the best friend reptiles ever had. However, his wife will fulfill his many dreams to take care of the reptiles.
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