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HGTV executives can’t help smiling to themselves and each other as the little guy named Home Town that they had backed turned out to become a bigger success than they ever expected. We are talking about Home Town, the reality TV show from HGTV, that showcases the husband-wife duo of Ben and Eric Napier. The series premiered on March 21, 2017. It was a small project for HGTV set in the town of Laurel, Mississippi, in which the Napiers restore Southern homes and make them look as grand as they were meant to be. The network took a chance on the concept and the couple and their big bet paid off. Now everybody wants to know about the show and the lovable couple who are the perfects hosts in the show.

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Where it’s All At!

Where is Home Town Filmed
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People are curious to know more about Ben and Erin Napier’s home and are asking questions like “Where is Home Town filmed?” and “Where is the TV show’s location.” Don’t worry, we will tell you right here all we know about the couple and the show including where it is being filmed. The show is being filmed in a small charming town with Southern ancestry called Laurel, Mississippi, where the super nice pair of Ben and Erin Napier renovates houses. The couple was unaware of HGTV and going about their lives four years ago when the network contacted them and pitched their proposal.

A Call Out of the Blue

HGTV executives had seen the couple’s work in a magazine named Southern Weddings and on its Instagram page and got excited about it. They wanted a full TV series with them as they renovated homes in their beloved hometown. The Napiers were stunned, to say the least, and decided to take the plunge. That was three years ago and now the series is in its fourth season after completing three successful seasons which all got a huge thumbs up from the audience.

Southern Man Meets Southern Girl

Ben and Erin Napier Home
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People are curious to know how Ben and Erin hooked up in the first place. The two met at Ole Miss, an affectionate term for the University of Mississippi, on December 7, 2004, when Erin was in art school and had a huge crush on the popular Ben. They met and it was within days that Erin heard Ben telling her

“I want to tell you something. I think I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Ben was serious and Erin accepted his proposal later and the two got married on November 22, 2008, and have now been happily married for over 11 years. Today they are the proud parents of a two-year-old daughter named Helen who has inherited their good looks and Ben’s height. After all big Ben is 6’6” tall and wears size 14 boots to work.

Happiness is Being Together

The Napiers admit that they are still in love and like to give each other presents regularly. Most of the times they give each other books with little notes tucked inside as they both love learning and reading. Unlike most couples who bicker when they are together, the Napiers love to be with each other. Their problems start when they have to spend time away from each other. That’s when they get into a foul mood. Luckily their work and the show Home Town allow them to spend as much time as possible with each other. That’s why they look great on the show and viewers appreciate their closeness.

Heart is Where the Home is!

home town tv show locations
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Right now Ben and Erin are busy with their most personal project. They are renovating their own home! That’s right! The Napier home is being repaired with their pantry, kitchen and laundry room all gutted, and their driveway all dug up. Their roof is also going to be replaced. When asked why they have turned their talent on themselves they say “Its time.” It sure is for this lovely couple who are bringing so much art, design, and beauty into the lives of millions of people from their quaint little town of Laurel, Mississippi.

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Ben and Erin Napier House: Where is HGTV’s “Home Town” Filmed?
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