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She is as good as the gold she digs up. When you dig deeper into her you know that she is a young woman full of substance in the world of glamorous false things. Who are we talking about? We are talking about Tyler Mahoney, one of the stars of Gold Rush, a TV series that airs on the Discovery Channel every Friday at 8:00 pm. Mahoney is a prospector who specializes in finding gold in places that would not be on anyone’s travel list because of the hard, unforgiving conditions there. She is a beautiful young woman with a serious temperament and people are very curious to know more about her. Here are a few details from Tyler Mahoney’s wiki.

She Comes from a Land Down Under

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Photo: Instagram/tyler_m_mahoney

Mahoney isn’t new to prospecting or mining. She is a fourth-generation gold miner even though her roots are not in the great Gold Rush which lasted in America from 1848 to 1855. She comes from the other side of the world from a land down under! That’s right! She comes from Australia, actually from the gold-mining town of Kalgoorlie. Her forefathers had been prospecting in Australia for a long time and naturally, Mahoney was interested in becoming a gold miner as well. After all, she had gold mining in her blood and genes!

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Interested in Gold Even as a Teenager

Mahoney cut her teeth in the gold prospecting trade as she worked at her parent’s shop where she bought and sold big nuggets of gold balancing her time between this and visits to her family-owned mines. She picked up an incredible amount of knowledge about gold mining during her teens. When she turned adult there was only one thing she wanted to do which was to be a gold prospecting miner. Mahoney is a brilliant geologist and can geographically pinpoint a gold nugget’s origin by just examining it.

She is a Stunning Model & Entrepreneur

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Mahoney is afraid that with advancing technology the traditional mining skills will die within a few generations and she is trying hard to prevent it. That’s why she started The Prospecting Club through which she could help teach others about the right ways to find gold. Lots of people feel the same which is why her club has members all over Australia. Mahoney is not just another “gold digger!” Just kidding! She is a busy model as well and is represented by Scene Model Management. After all, she is 5’11” and looks fabulous in any outfit. That’s not all. She also has a boutique jewelry range called Mae by Tyler which sells intricately designed jewelry.

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Her Lips are Sealed!

tyler mahoney
Photo: Instagram/tyler_m_mahoney

She also owns a sustainable swimwear label that sells simple, clean-cut swimsuits all made locally in Western Australia. All these achievements and Tyler Mahoney’s age is just 24 years. That’s one of the reasons why people are curious about her relationship with Parker Schnabel. They have been asking questions like “Are Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney dating?” and “Is Tyler Mahoney Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend?” They also ask “Is Tyler Mahoney married?” She isn’t. Mahoney is not married yet and has not spoken about her personal life either, so what people are saying about her and Parker is all speculation. Mahoney is a girl who likes to keep some things close to her chest and the details of her personal life is one of them.

She is a Tough Cookie

She is a stunner and that’s why her male fans keep searching for Tyler Mahoney’s bikini pics on the Internet. Good luck, guys! Mahoney has appeared on the Quest TV program Aussie Gold Hunters along with her mother and father. It’s obvious that Mahoney is passionate about gold prospecting and is very good at it. She is ready to match up with the toughest of guys when she goes far and wide in harsh conditions to mine for gold. She is indeed the Golden Girl of gold prospecting in the land down under!

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Gold Rush's Tyler Mahoney’s Wiki: Are Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney Dating?
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Gold Rush's Tyler Mahoney’s Wiki: Are Parker Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney Dating?
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