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The kids love him because after dozens of superheroes for adults there has been a superhero solely for the kids. We are talking about Henry Danger, an American comedy television series that aired on the Nickelodeon channel from July 26, 2014, to March 21, 2020. The series stars Jace Norman as the normal self and the superhero named Henry Hart/Kid Danger. Hence the title of the series Henry Danger! After the fifth season winded down people are unsure if the series will get a sixth season. They are asking questions like “What happened to Henry Danger?” “Did Henry Danger end?” and “Did Henry Danger die?”

Its Over Now

People want to know if Henry Danger has ended or if there will be a new season after all. There is little chance of Henry Danger being renewed for a sixth season in its present avatar. People who have seen the ending of the last episode of Henry Danger which was aired on March 21, 2020, know how the series ended.

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For Those Who Tuned in Late

For those who missed it and are in the dark about what is the fate of Henry Danger and the series, the sad news is that Henry Danger has ended. However, it has not ended in a tragedy as some people have believed. Some people thought that Henry Danger is dead and that’s why the series ended. People want to know what the lead actor Jace Norman is doing now? The series has ended and we will tell you why and how right here.

What Happened to Henry Danger?

In the last episode, the Vice-Mayor Willard unveils two statues of Henry Danger/Kid Danger as everyone believes that Danger is dead. People of Swellview gather around Kid Danger’s memorial and recount the number of times the superhero they all love had saved the city and its citizens. However, Henry Danger is not dead but is lying low. Danger is not dead at all but has moved on to another town named Dystopia to use his superpowers to help people and do good things. Henry Danger was told by Ray that he should move on as he is now a superhero and everybody has acknowledged it.

A New Life, a New Town

So Danger along with Charlotte and Jasper is now living in Dystopia and has become their local superhero. A few weeks later Ray and Schwoz open the Swellview Academy of the Gifted so that they can teach the Danger Force how to be superheroes. Henry Danger will now be the resident superhero of Dystopia and do his good deeds. It sure looks like the series Henry Danger has come to its logical end.

The Future is Super Exciting

As usual, the makers of Henry Danger are looking to create another spinoff to keep people within the superhero universe they have created. On February 19, 2020, it was announced that a new spin-off of Henry Danger titled Danger Force will premiere on March 28, 2020. It will star Cooper Barnes and Michael D. Cohen and they will reprise their roles from Henry Danger and will be joined by four new superheroes-in-training. It looks like both kids and adults will have a swell time this summer watching the new series Danger Force.

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Anything Could Happen!

So what happens to Jace Norman? Right now there is no information regarding him and no one is talking about any further role for Henry Danger but it is a creative process that could throw up a few surprises. While Henry Danger has officially ended the makers have a fertile imagination and who knows what will happen in the future. After all its superheroes and superpowers that we are talking about here!

“Henry Danger” Ending Explained: What Happened to “Henry Danger?” Did He Die?
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“Henry Danger” Ending Explained: What Happened to “Henry Danger?” Did He Die?
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