is ghost adventures real or fake
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It’s a show that scares people but they love to watch it and can’t get enough of it. We are talking about Ghost Adventures. It is currently in its 19th season and it is obvious that it has caught the attention of a large number of people who watch it faithfully as each season unfolds on the TV. Seeing the program the one question that is on most people’s lips is “Is Ghost Adventures real or fake?” People often wonder how real is Ghost Adventures? Though it is tough to give an outright answer to this tough question we will try to give an accurate answer right here.

The program follows a few professional ghost hunters like Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin currently even as they go to places all across America which has reported paranormal happenings. They talk to people who claim to have paranormal experiences and using the latest tracking equipment they try to shoot footage inside these places. The objective is to capture the alleged paranormal activity live on camera so that this issue could be resolved once and for all. This is because there are many skeptics who don’t believe in this phenomenon and claim that these incidents can be explained by science and common sense.

Does Paranormal Activity Really Happen?

So what is the truth? Is Ghost Adventures real? Or is Ghost Adventures fake? It’s hard to tell because there is not enough clinching evidence to prove it without a doubt. However, at the same time there have been incidents that defy logic. It is also difficult to disregard the testimony of the numerous people who claim to have had abnormal experiences at these supposedly haunted places. It is not easy to dismiss the experiences of these people as a lie or a figment of their imagination.

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Acts of Courage

Even if the existence of paranormal activity has not been proved yet it is certainly not for the lack of trying. It must be said that these ghost hunters are really passionate and serious about their work. They use the latest scientific instruments and technology that science can provide and they lock up themselves inside these supposedly haunted places to get a first-hand experience of the nightly proceedings. It is very brave of them to do that because one man’s enjoyment could well become another man’s nightmare.

Strange Incidents Have Been Reported

The crew has reported what they believe is paranormal activity several times with occurrences like battery drain, fluctuations in electromagnetic fields, voltage spikes, sudden changes in temperature such as cold spots, electronic voice phenomena, unexplained noises and apparitions. These are known as Fortean Phenomena which the crew has claimed that they have captured on their equipment. What’s more is that both Bagans and Goodwin have claimed that they have been possessed several times by dark energies during their stay at these haunted places that they check out.

Alone in the Dead of the Night!

So it is very difficult to say with certainty if these ghostly occurrences are true or not? The truth is that viewers want them to be true but they themselves don’t want to experience it. They want to watch all these exciting events on their televisions from the warmth and comfort of their homes where they are safe with their families. So the debate on Ghost Adventures being true or fake goes on. The makers of the series are laughing all the way to the bank even as viewers huddle down to watch the alleged strange happenings season after season. If you wake up in the middle of a dark night alone in your room with an icy cold hand on your shoulder and a sudden drop in temperature chills you to the bone, don’t say you weren’t warned!

Is “Ghost Adventures” Real or Fake? How Real is “Ghost Adventures?”
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Is “Ghost Adventures” Real or Fake? How Real is “Ghost Adventures?”
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People love to be frightened but only when they are safe or at least feel so. That’s why horror movies are always raking in the moolah! They watch the reality TV show “Ghost Adventures” season after season just to get scared in the safety of their homes. Is it all true or an elaborate hoax?
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