What Does Destiney Rose from Shahs of Sunset Do for Living
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Bravo is patting itself on its own back because their big gamble is starting to pay off. We are talking about their popular reality TV show Shahs of Sunset that is slowly but steadily picking up viewers along the way. For those who haven’t heard about the series and its cast all we can say is “hello, where have you been lately?” Shahs of Sunset is an American reality television series that debuted on March 11, 2012, and is currently in its eighth season and from reports doing really well.

What’s It All About?

So what is Shahs of Sunset really about? The series follows the lives of a group of Iranian American friends living in Beverly Hills [no less!] and are trying hard to maintain their lifestyle, their careers and social lives. This is while trying to adhere to their unique traditions and the demands of their more conservative families. It makes for fascinating viewing and a whole big number of people tune in to Bravo when the series plays out.

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What Does Destiney Rose Do?

Destiney Rose Shahs of Sunset
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All the major characters in this series have become famous and even popular and one of the most interesting ones is none other than Destiney Rose. She first came into the limelight when she appeared on the series The People’s Couch along with her sister Cathy. She got involved in the making of Shahs of Sunset because she was a good friend of two of her co-stars Shervin Roohpavar and Reza Farahan. While she is one of the stars of the show people often wonder what Rose does for a living. They are keen to know what career has this smart woman chosen for herself while being in such a high class and glamorous place like Beverly Hills.

Looking to Climb Higher

Destiney Rose
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She has worked as a general manager at a nightclub when she appeared in her earlier show The People’s Couch. So what is she doing now even as she appears regularly on the reality series Shahs of Sunset? Rose has been trying to leave the nightclub industry for good and these days she is working as a party planner. This also isn’t her final destination. Being a party planner helps pay the bills while she is also trying to find a healthier and mainstream environment. One thing is for sure, whatever Rose does she does it passionately. She is doing a wonderful job as a party planner while thinking about how to leave these jobs behind and do something more meaningful.

Destiney Rose’s Net Worth

what does Rose do for a living
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People are also very curious to know how much money Rose has as she is living a pretty good life in a costly place like Beverly Hills. Things certainly don’t come cheap in a place like that! Different amounts have been given regarding how much money Rose has but according to insiders Destiney Rose’s net worth is between $700,000 to $1.4 million and growing. How did she earn all this money? Well, by working hard. She has a successful reality TV career and she made money when she was in management in the nightclub industry. Now she is making money running a successful party and event planning business. Rose is one smart cookie who knows the power of the almighty dollar and she has made a comfortable life for herself by working hard.

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Future Looks Pretty Good

Rose has never had a one-night stand and is pretty clear about what she wants from her life. She likes to call a spade a spade and if others don’t like it her attitude is that it’s their problem not hers. With a successful business as a party planner and appearing in one of the more interesting shows like Shahs of Sunset Destiney Rose is carving out a pretty good destiny for herself!

What Does Destiney Rose from “Shahs of Sunset” Do for a Living?
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What Does Destiney Rose from “Shahs of Sunset” Do for a Living?
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