What Happened to Fareed Zakaria GPS
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People who love to watch the Sunday morning international affairs show on CNN called CNN: GPS are happy that its host Fareed Zakaria was able to fight his way back to the network’s billing after he had been suspended for a while. That’s right! Zakaria was suspended for some time by CNN way back in 2012 because he had admitted to lifting certain portions of another writer’s article and had included them in his own piece he had submitted and published in TIME magazine. At that time Zakaria had called this unauthorized plagiarism “a terrible mistake” and “serious lapse.” When his show was cancelled for a while by CNN people were asking questions like “What happened to Fareed Zakaria GPS?” and “Where is Fareed Zakaria?”

Admission of Plagiarism

We will tell you what happened in those tense months in 2012 that were terrible for both Zakaria and CNN as both their credibility was on the line. Zakaria has published his piece as a columnist for TIME magazine titled “The Case for Gun Control” and it was found that multiple paragraphs were similar to passages in an article by Jill Lepore published in The New Yorker.  When Zakaria was caught by watchdog agencies he admitted his act of using Lepore’s material for his own without attribution and issued an apology. The matter created a furore in the media and CNN was called out for letting such a thing happen on its watch.

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Matter was Ultimately Resolved

Luckily Zakaria admitted to his mistake and it was a one-off so the matter was resolved quickly and Zakaria and GPS were back after some time on CNN again. Monday mornings again became routine as viewers settled down on Sunday mornings with their hot cup of coffee and listened and saw Zakaria’s take on the whole world. That was the last time that Zakaria’s GPS show was canceled but as it was all resolved thereafter both he and CNN let out a sigh of relief.

Show Did Not Air Again!

On Sunday morning, March 22, 2020, Zakaria’s show was again canceled and people were again disturbed by the non-show. However, there was a reason for that and it was NOT plagiarism like once before. It was some other reason why the show was not telecast on March 22, 2020, and it had nothing to do with the earlier incident. In fact, Zakaria put all his viewers’ fears to rest by tweeting that GPS wouldn’t air on March 22, 2020, but would be back the next Sunday. This means that viewers all over the world who watch CNN can see GPS again on March 29, 2020, just like before. Zakaria has given his word and CNN never makes mistakes like this.

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All is Well That Ends Well!

People were upset when they found out that the show had been canceled but have no choice but to wait till March 29, 2020, when the show comes back on CNN next Sunday. Zakaria even let out what the issues would be on next week’s show and obviously the lead story was the deadly Coronavirus outbreak playing havoc all over the world. If ever there was an issue which begged to be called a global issue it is the deadly COVID-19 virus that has now been found in more than 145 countries in the world. It has killed more than 10,000 people and thousands more have been infected. Zakaria has been working hard to get a perspective on this issue and he will share it with all his viewers on GPS when it airs again on Sunday morning on March 29, 2020. So everybody relax, your man of the international stage is coming back!

What Happened to “Fareed Zakaria GPS?” Where is Fareed Zakaria Today?
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What Happened to “Fareed Zakaria GPS?” Where is Fareed Zakaria Today?
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GPS did not air on CNN on March 22, 2020, and people were very upset. They wondered why did their beloved and respected program host Fareed Zakaria not turn up to give them a world perspective on important global news. Zakaria himself later clarified the issue of why the popular program did not air.
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