What Happened to Monse Mom in On My Block
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Though television, films and now streaming services have done the teenage drama genre a million times everybody perks up whenever a new teen drama is announced or released. Same was the case when Netflix premiered their teen drama On My Block season 1 on March 16, 2018. Teens were excited and so were the media as any show coming from Netflix is bound to be something worth checking out given the quality of their shows. The show has struck a chord with teenagers and that’s why season 3 was released on March 11, 2020. People who have seen it finally found their answers to questions like what happened to Monse’s mom? and how did Monse’s mom die in On My Block?

Monse Finally Meets her Mom

As viewers already know from the first two seasons of On My Block Monse and her mom were estranged as several years ago her mom left Monse and her father to begin a better and new life in Brentwood. Later Monse learns that her mom is a writer and this makes Monse glow with pride and eager to meet her. They meet but the air is taut with friction and Monse and her mom are uncomfortable with each other. Monse learns that her mom has married a white man and has two kids from this new relationship. Sometime later tragedy strikes and Monse’s mom commits suicide thereby leaving her daughter with few memories and a lot of tears.

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A Refreshing Portrayal of Teens

Even though Monse and her mom are not on good terms Monse is shaken by her death and is left alone to ponder on the inevitable sad incidents and phases in life. On My Block season 3 has also won the praise of the critics and they all agree that the portrayal of these teenagers in this series is not a stereotype. Too many teen dramas have made the mistake of making their characters unreal and stereotypical and people who have seen John Hughes movies in the 1980s have wondered when there will be a worthy successor to him will emerge. At last count Hollywood is still searching!

Tragedy Strikes Monse

On My Block has vivid characters and takes time to build every plot point surely and steadily. On My Block being a series there is time for the writers to delve into each character’s uniqueness and flesh them out fully. Still Monse and her mom’s storyline came across a bit hurried and the suicide by her mom comes across as a big shock. The audience expects the two to reconcile and it is shown that Monse is thinking about moving to Brentwood to go to an exclusive all-girls school. However, things go south and Monse’s mom commits suicide leaving Monse in the lurch and back with her friends back in Los Angeles.

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The Gang of Four Could Be Back Again!

How did Monse Mom Die in On My Block
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After On My Block season 3 was binge-watched by all its fans there was talk and expectation of season 4 as well. Fans were wondering if On My Block season 4 was on the cards or not. Netflix hasn’t announced a season 4 yet but seeing the response for seasons 1-3 so far there is a good chance that season 4 might actually happen. The series’ co-creator Lauren Lungerich has signed a multi-year series deal with Netflix on March 5, 2020, which could well mean that more seasons of On My Block could be on their way. The demand is there as the series has been one of the most watched series on Netflix. So come March 2021 we could well see the four friends of On My Block come together once again to navigate the difficult but exciting paths of teen hood.

What Happened to Monse’s Mom? How did Monse’s Mom Die in “On My Block?”
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What Happened to Monse’s Mom? How did Monse’s Mom Die in “On My Block?”
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On My Block season 3 released on March 11, 2020, and met the same enthusiastic response that the first two seasons got. The acting was good and everybody was eager to see the drama unfold in this realistic and gripping series. However, a tragedy strikes Monse when she least needs it.
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