Why Did Max & Ruby End
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Kids love Max and Ruby. In fact, they have loved them since May 2002 when this entertaining and educative cartoon series premiered on Treehouse TV in Canada. Needless to say this series crossed over to neighbor America and premiered in October 2002 on Nickelodeon. Since that day kids after kids have enjoyed this popular cartoon series created by Rosemary Wells who wrote an entire book series about them. The seventh season of Max & Ruby ended on August 24, 2019, and since then there has been talk that the series has ended for good. People are asking questions like why did Max & Ruby end? And why was Max & Ruby canceled?

Unfortunately, the waters on this point are very muddy with neither the creators nor the makers of this popular kids’ show giving any solid information on the series. Parents are very upset that they have been left in the lurch and cannot tell their eager children when their favorite bunnies are going to be back. So what happened to Max & Ruby? Has the Max & Ruby story ended? There seems to be no clarity on this question.

What Happened to Mom and Dad?

In fact another question is also doing the rounds and that is what happened to Max and Ruby’s parents? There have been various theories circulating about this aspect of the show. Max and Ruby are always shown to be alone and their parents were never shown. There was a lot of speculation about that and people and kids have been wondering what happened to their parents. Some suggested that their parents died in a car accident while a theory emerged on Twitter that their parents were killed by a wolf. A lot of people commented that surely the makers would not give such a gruesome end to what is an enjoyable children’s series.

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The Creator Speaks, Finally!

After remaining silent on it for many years the original book series creator Rosemary Wells gave a plausible explanation. Wells said

“We don’t see Max and Ruby’s parents because I believe that kids resolve their issues and conflicts differently when they’re on their own. The television series gives kids a sense about how these two siblings resolve their conflicts in a humorous and entertaining way.”

After this statement by Wells kids and parents gave a collective sigh and felt better. They realized that Max and Ruby’s parents are not really dead but are just irrelevant to the proceedings.

Why Did Max and Ruby Live Alone?

This statement by the story creator solved another mystery that the poor kids watching the show were puzzled about. The question was why did Max and Ruby live alone? The answer is that they did not live alone. The parents were not relevant to the story so they were never shown. Max & Ruby is a series meant for kids and to be enjoyed by kids so parents were deliberately kept out. Max & Ruby is a 100% adults-free kid zone meant to keep their tiny fans totally entertained.

Will Good Times Come Again?

Coming back to the main question about what is the future of the series all we know is that there has been no statement by the makers as yet about this. No one knows for sure right now whether it will have an eighth season or not. If it does we know who is going to cheer the loudest. It’s the kids who love these two lovable bunnies. Not only the kids but their parents are going to be happy as well that Max & Ruby will rock the house once again!

Why Did “Max & Ruby” End? What Happened to “Max & Ruby?”
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Why Did “Max & Ruby” End? What Happened to “Max & Ruby?”
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Max & Ruby’s seventh season ended in August 2019 but there has been no news about its future. The makers are not telling anyone if the two lovable bunnies are coming on TV for another season in 2020. Obviously kids and their parents are not amused.
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