The show FBI is getting popular by the day and one of the reasons for it is the tremendous liking that the viewers have developed for one of the lead actresses on the show, Missy Peregrym. Peregrym plays the pivotal role of Maggie Bell, an FBI Special Agent and the widow of a Wall Street Journal reporter. FBI is an American crime drama fictional television series that airs on CBS. The show premiered on September 25, 2018, and is currently in its second season. Right now there is a bit of commotion among the viewers because there have been rumors that Peregrym is leaving the show.

Is Missy Peregrym Pregnant?

is missy peregrym pregnant
Photo: Instagram/mperegrym

So is this true? Is everybody’s favorite FBI agent Maggie Bell out of the show? What happened to Maggie from FBI show? Among all this hysterics somebody squeaked in and asked “Is Missy Peregrym pregnant?” It’s a bit complicated but this person has got it right. Missy Peregrym is pregnant! She announced the news on Instagram in October 2019 and even shared photos from the set of FBI. She posted some photos in February 2020 of her:

“8 month old belly and how [she] was able to keep working.”

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Out of Action for a Few Months

Why is Missy Peregrym Leaving the Show
Photo: Instagram/mperegrym

In case you didn’t know Peregrym is married to Australian actor Tom Oakley. The couple got married to each other in Los Angeles, California, on December 30, 2018. Now that Peregrym is pregnant the show makers have a big problem on their hands. While Peregrym has been courageous and brave enough to keep working until the eighth month of her pregnancy now she has to take a few months off to give birth to her baby first in a good hospital. Then she has to spend a few months nursing her baby because the baby will need its mother from the moment she or he is born. Suffice to say that Peregrym will be out of action for a few months and we won’t be seeing her on FBI.

Changes in the Script to Accommodate Peregrym

The makers have been smart and have made changes in the script to accommodate Peregrym’s real life absence by concocting a plot where the fictional character Maggie Bell will not be seen on the show for a few months. This is how it goes – Maggie gets a job offer from the ADIC to work a case for a few months but she turns it down. Her reason is

“I love the work that we do, and I’ve got a great partner.”

However, her colleague Isobel tells her to reconsider as the ADIC will not ask her again if she says no to this offer.

what happened to maggie from fbi show
Photo: Instagram/mperegrym

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Maggie starts thinking about it and after much soul-searching decides to take up the offer. The assignment is an undercover deal for a pretty big case which will require all of Maggie’s talent and abilities to do it the right way. Maggie then takes up the offer explaining that it is

“an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.”

She tells her partner in the FBI that

“I’ll be back before you know it.”

Don’t Worry! She’ll be Back!

So, folks, the rumors are true that Peregrym is out of FBI for a few months. However, it’s only due to her pregnancy and Peregrym has no intention of leaving this show where she is one of the star attractions. It’s a meaty role that she has and she will be back after giving birth to her baby. No cause for alarm because Missy Peregrym will be back soon. Chin up guys! It’s only for a few months then your lovely Maggie Bell will be back in action kicking the shit out of bad people!

Is Maggie Leaving “FBI?” Why is Missy Peregrym Leaving the Show? Is She Pregnant?
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Is Maggie Leaving “FBI?” Why is Missy Peregrym Leaving the Show? Is She Pregnant?
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People have really liked actress Missy Peregrym for her portrayal of special agent Maggie Bell in the popular CBS show FBI. Now the rumors are that Peregrym is pregnant and leaving the show. Naturally her fans are distraught and wondering if this is the end of the road for their favorite character.
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