We are living in a sarcastic and funny world. Today no one gives a look to any serious news, but hilarious things go viral on the internet.

Everyone in this globe is an as*hole in his/her own ways, or what Indian says it in slang ‘chuttiya.’

So, guys, the times is come to know whether you are a chuttiya or not.

Let’s check some of the facts and get know that AAP CHUTTIYE HAIN.

#1. If you have a habit of laughing in some serious situations.

life memes

#2. If you fight with people online.

asshole memes

#3. If you friendzone your friend, who proposed you

friendzone memes

#4. If you take some new year resolution, and not follow the same.

new year resolution memes

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#5. If you are driving rash with a speed of 80+ and thinks that the girls are impressed with this.

driving memes

#6. If you cheat someone

cheating memes

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#7. You don’t think you’re an asshole.

funny memes

#8. If you are complaining about your life repeatedly.

life meme jokes

#9. If you never apologize.

sorry memes

#10. If you think that your attitude is more important than good relation.

attitude memes

#11. Social media is an addiction to you.

social media memes

#12. If you blow smoke at someone’s face

smoking memes

Aap Chuttiye Hai: 12 Facts That Proves You are Nothing but an As*hole
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Aap Chuttiye Hai: 12 Facts That Proves You are Nothing but an As*hole
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12 a*shole jokes which define you are nothing but a chu*ttiya.
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Everlasting Celebrations
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