best backbenchers and last bencher memes

The backbenchers and last bencher memes are flooded all over the internet, everyone is sharing and gossipping the last benchers jokes.

And seriously, after seeing so many these types of memes I am remembering my own college days. I could link many of those memes with my old college memories. How we could forget those memories?

All of us have multiple college and school memories, some have good first bench memories and some have backbench memories.

So, guys, I am sharing the top last bencher memes with you. Check out now!

#1. Everyone Sit Properly

back bencher memes

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#2. No One will Fight in My Class

last bencher memes

#3. I Want Pin Drop Silence in the Class

best last bencher memes

#4. You Have to Come College in Proper Uniform

top last bencher memes

#5. The last Bench is an Emotion

last bencher jokes

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#6. No One will Bring P*rn in Mobile

backbencher memes

#7. Gaadi Aaram se Chalaya Karo

backbencher jokes

#8. Drinking Liquor is Bad for Health

last benchers

#9. Let’s Study Geometry

#10. Last Bencher Watching College Memories

#11. Last Benchers Seniors Taking Introduction of Junior

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